Good Game: Spawn Point hits the small screen

By Jo-Anne Hui in Media News on

Good Game: Spawn Point finally aired on television last Saturday, with new host gaming journalist James Cottee on board. 

Hosted by Steven 'Bajo' O'Donnell and Stephanie 'Hex' Bendixsen, Good Game: SP is a spin-off of the original show which airs on the kid-friendly ABC3 channel and is aimed at gamers aged six to 15 years old. The 15-minute show will feature a family-friendly mix of reviews, stories about gaming culture and plenty of audience interaction. 

"It's fantastic. We can deliver information about PG and G-rated games (on GG: SP) and we can actually make the original show older and really provide information aimed at a more adult games audience in a bigger show," said series producer Janet Carr.

One of the major features of Good Game: SP is the inclusion of a robot called D.A.R.R.E.N. (Data Analysing Robot for the Ruthless Extermination or Elucidation of Noobs). Unbeknownst to viewers, D.A.R.R.EN is in fact freelance journalist James Cottee, who was working on a casual basis at Good Game up until recently and is now a permanent fixture of the team. Cottee said he has had "tremendous fun" scripting and being the voice of D.A.R.R.E.N, whom he described as "a robot programmed to p0wn noobs (young and inexperienced gamers)". 

In addition to his work at Good Game, Cottee is contributing to titles including PC PowerPlay,, and Official Playstation magazine. 

According to Carr, D.A.R.R.E.N has an encyclopaedic knowledge of gaming and depending on how the audience reacts to him, his role may either expand or contract. In the earlier seasons of the original Good Game show, there was once a monkey called P_Nutz who made the odd appearance and had a love/hate relationship with the viewers (the monkey is no longer on-air).

"He's got a classic robot personality. He's a little bit grumpy and scornful of the limitations of the human brain like the fact that we have to sleep, that our knowledge is not perfect and we can't just be plugged into some database and have all this amazing info at our fingertips," described Carr. "He also is very desperate to get on TV and so he's being nice for now, but he has the potential to be quite good fun."

The team at Good Game has also been enjoying the show's new Tetris-like set, which Carr admitted "I've always had in mind, but never had the money for" and features gaming paraphernalia and a console collection which includes a 30-year old Hanimex gaming console.

Meanwhile, former Good Game reporter Tracey 'Rei' Lien announced her departure from the show during the Christmas special and is studying in France at the moment.


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Hutcheon ready to leave ABC

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Veteran reporter Jane Hutcheon is ready to leave the ABC behind after 25 years at the network.

Hutcheon said she will be stepping down from hosting her show One Plus One next month, with other presenters lined up to host the show after her farewell episode, which will also put her up as the guest interviewee. She also hinted that the run-up to her finale will include reruns of One Plus One’s best episodes.

Hutcheon distinguished herself with stints on Foreign Correspondent and multiple international assignments. She has been the host of One Plus One on News 24 since it premiered in 2010 and has written three books.

“I’d like to say that my mainstream journalism career as a reporter, foreign correspondent and presenter has been a complete privilege. One Plus One is my baby and you don’t leave something you’ve created without a heavy heart. This was my decision alone,” she said.

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Langbroek to exit SCA

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Kate Langbroek is departing Southern Cross Austereo.

TV Blackbox reported that she will wrap up her hosting duties on Hit Network show Hughesy and Kate (pictured) at the end of 2019. Ed Kavalee, who has substituted for her on the show while on vacation, will be her permanent replacement.  

Langbroek had signed a 12-month contract with Hit Network but since she had moved to Italy with her family, no headway was made on SCA securing a longer commitment from her. 

The move also signals the end of her tandem with Hughesy, which began on Nova 100’s first breakfast show back in 2001 and lasted transitions to KIIS and the Hit Network.

Keep tuned in to Langbroek on Twitter @KateLangbroek.

Nott leaves IDG

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

George Nott is moving on from IDG titles CIO and Computerworld (pictured).

He said in a Tweet that he had bid the publications farewell after over three years, taking the time to thank editors Rohan Pearce and Byron Connolly for their help. 

Nott joined IDG Communications Australia in May 2016 after a year of content writing for a Sydney communications agency.

Keep in touch with Nott on Twitter @GeorgePNott and on LinkedIn.

2Day breakfast show to end

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

2Day FM is no longer carrying the Grant, Ed, and Ash breakfast show (pictured).

Parent firm Southern Cross Austereo announced today that the breakfast trio of Grant Denyer, Ed Kavalee, and Ash London will go on-air one more time tomorrow. 

They will still continue with existing shows. London is up at 6:30PM weeknights with Ash London Live. Kavalee is currently on substitute work at drive show Hughesy and Kate while Denyer is off on other duties.

A new music-oriented show, Music for Breakfast, will debut next Monday with Jamie Angel at the helm. He had previously served at 2Day as content director from 2006 to 2009. 

Joyce starts work at Concrete Playground

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Emma Joyce is the new branded content editor at food and lifestyle brand Content Playground.

She signed up after finishing her affairs with Time Out in Sydney, where she spent the past eight years, rising from an internship to lifestyle editor and editor. 

“I’ve been impressed by Concrete Playground’s growth and impact across Australia and New Zealand over the past ten years,” said Joyce.

“They have a youthful and committed team creating high quality content every day, and they’re not afraid to reinvent their products to deliver the best possible outcome for their clients. I’m looking forward to jumping into some exciting new projects with their already impressive team.”

TimeOut has since confirmed Maxim Boon as her successor.

Follow Joyce on LinkedIn.

Hit Network prepares regional QLD workday lineup

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

The Hit Network’s regional broadcast service at Hit 103.1 Townsville has assigned hosts on the workday circuit, starting this week. 

The schedule plan calls for current Townsville announcer Luke Lum to go on-air from 9AM to 10AM, after which Carley Whittington takes over from 10AM to 3PM. 

Whittington will be in the role until November 2019, when she makes way for singer Maddy Rowe, who’s coming in from Melbourne. Whittington has previously hosted breakfast and workday at Hit 102.5 Mt Isa.

Dixon put on Hit Mid North Coast brekky duty

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Hit 102.3 Mid North Coast has selected Krysti Dixon as Jason Bodger’s partner on the breakfast show. 

Dixon has been with Southern Cross Austereo for the past three years, having done work as traffic co-ordinator and promotions for the network in Port Macquarie. 

Their new show will be known as Krysti and Bodge. Bodger has been without a co-host since Cass Catsoulis stepped down two months ago to be with her loved ones.

Follow Dixon on LinkedIn.

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