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Wicker to sit at 2GO breakfast table

Shad Wicker will wake up listeners at 2GO’s breakfast show in 2019.

Findlay lands Good Nights producer job

Triple J’s James Findlay is now a producer for evening show Good Nights.

ID Collective now representing Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines has awarded its ANZ communications work to ID Collective.

Yoo back in action at Yahoo Finance

Tony Yoo has started a new role at Yahoo Finance as a finance producer
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Truu now in action at SBS

Maani Truu has joined the SBS.

2BS FM now in business

AM station 2BS Gold has started its transition to the FM band.

Quattromani flies the nest

Geoff Quattromani has split from the team at EFTM, and is embracing his new status as a freelance tech writer and presenter.
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Radio NZ adjust staff for 2019

Radio NZ National is entering 2019 with some changes to the staff.

ABC Rolls out 2019 local radio rosters

ABC has introduced the local presenter list for 2019.

WSFM and Gold 104.3 fine-tune 2019 rosters

ARN has made some changes to the personnel list at WSFM and Gold 104.3.

Blackley becomes CRA chairman

Grant Blackley is the new chairman of Commercial Radio Australia.

Red Agency welcomes new health practice chief

Red Agency has hired Sue Cook as its new health practice boss.