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Veteran investor Curt Shi joins Boson Ventures

Announcement posted by Boson Ventures 18 Sep 2023

Curt Shi, an early-stage investor with over twenty years of experience in startup investment, has become a general partner at Boson Ventures, a venture capital firm that is raising currently its second fund, and preparing a biotech and medtech-focused fund in the upcoming financial quarter.

About Boson

Boson Ventures stands out as a unique player in the Australian venture capital scene. It is the only Australian firm under Chinese leadership that operates with a mainstream approach. Among its general partners are a former founder, a seasoned asset manager, a strategy consultant, and various corporate executives. It adheres to a high-conviction investment philosophy, such that it will adopt a proactive post-management approach for all its portfolio companies; part of this includes, should the startup desire it, facilitated entry into the Asian market—a step that can be especially viable in the evolving global landscape.

Boson's inaugural fund, launched in April 2021, achieved significant alpha in the face of a challenging economic environment thanks to its meticulously curated portfolio.

The first fund's portfolio includes companies such as Osara Health (formerly CancerAid), which expanded successfully into the US and saw a sevenfold increase in ARR within just two years, and Kite Magnetics, a vertical deep tech startup that achieved product launch within a one-year timeframe, a very rare phenomenon in the deep tech space. Two startups, Storipress and AI-NC, gained admission to Startmate after Boson's investment and started generating significant revenue or significant product progress in a short period. Another portfolio company, HelloClever, won the Emerging Fintech Organisation of the Year award.

Building on the success of their inaugural fund, Boson launched their second fund in July, with a target of reaching a $30 million closing. This new fund is designed to strike a balance between breadth and depth in investment focus, anchored on four megatrends: the renaissance of business services, planetary revitalisation, the integration of traditional industries with intelligent technologies, and the ascent of the Asian economy.

In the meantime, a dedicated team in Boson is preparing a specialised fund dedicated to the health sector, a space ripe with opportunities for investment and concrete humanitarian impact.

About Curt

Curt is a partner of various successful venture capital firms, including Imprint Capital Partners, Follow[The]Seed, Welinder & Shi Capital, and ProDigital Future Fund. With experience in dynamic markets like Australia, Israel, America, and China, Curt has consistently identified and capitalised on massive opportunities across borders. Curt's portfolio boasts a string of successes, including ASX-listed juggernauts like Catapult Sports (ASX: CAT), Jayride (ASX: JAY), Sezzle (ASX: SZL), and Airtasker (ASX: ART). His investment in STEPN, a play-to-earn NFT game, generated a 1600x return in just six months. Curt's achievements were acknowledged in 2016 when he received the "CPA Australia China Alumni Award for Banking and Finance" from the Australia China Alumni Association.

In 2023, Boson is in the midst of an ambitious launch campaign, having already inaugurated one fund with another one looming on the horizon. This strategic momentum dovetails seamlessly with the addition of Curt, whose comprehensive knowledge of the entire venture fund lifecycle makes him the ideal candidate to enhance Boson's already formidable team. This juncture marks an opportune moment for his integration. Curt's expertise in customer service direction aligns harmoniously with Boson's steadfast commitment to fostering deep post-investment collaboration with founders. Furthermore, his specialisation in lifestyle startups holds the promise of becoming an invaluable asset to the firm's evolving portfolio.

Particularly noteworthy is Curt's experience in leading a fund from inception to exit, a feat Boson has yet to achieve. His wealth of experience and the valuable lessons he can impart make his addition to the team especially significant.

Curt Shi, Alan Cui, Helena Liu — three of Boson's General Partners