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Zoom into the Zodiac with dusk's new Awestruck Collection - Your Star Sign in a Candle

Announcement posted by dusk Australia 02 Feb 2023

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Follow dusk’s map to the stars into an otherworldly exploration of your deepest self with Awestruck Zodiac candle, home fragrance and décor collection. Prepare to unlock magical truths, feelings and emotions anchored to your astrological identity as you shop the stars!


Designed to bolster cosmic energies and celebrate unique celestial identities, candle and home fragrance retailer, dusk, is racing into orbit as it prepares to bring a touch of astrology down to earth in a collision of detailed packaging, fine fragrance, and clever copy.


Expanding on the existing, ever popular In Her Element collection, Awestruck is diving into the depths with an ode to the zod(iac) in a stellar collection, shining a light on all 12 signs of the zodiac. Carefully chosen fragrances collide with generous two-wick scented candles, aligning with specific energies of each zodiac sign. Complementary melts, tealights and incense packs have been knowingly grouped into their astrological elements, honouring passionate fire, intuitive water, grounded earth and imaginative air signs, while décor pieces and home fragrance technologies round out the cosmic celebration, featuring intricate foil designs of constellations, glyphs, and astrological emblems.


With individualized candles for every sign, this collection is a year-round giftable solution. Whether you’re shining a light on your own sun, moon or rising sign or gifting astrology aficionados and cosmic kings and queens in your life, Awestruck is designed to shine a light on our divine cosmic DNA. Perfect your new moon ritual, seek calm amongst the cosmic chaos or run rings around retrograde – Awestruck is your cosmic companion, fortune finder and little bit of frivolity and fun!


Shine a light on your sign with Awestruck Zodiac Collection, catapulting into stores and online HERE (Australian shoppers) or HERE (New Zealand shoppers) first week of February 2023 | ranging from $5.99 to $49.99





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