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Loukas Law Provides Solutions and Minimizes Impact of Divorce on Families

Announcement posted by Loukas Family & Divorce Lawyers Perth 11 Nov 2022

When a marriage or long-term relationship dissolves, and kids are involved, "best interest of the children" is often cited, which legally includes much more than who is the custodial parent. Loukas Law, owned by Maria Loukas, is a family law firm that considers all aspects of what children will need when a divorce is final.

Parental responsibility doesn't end when a couple separates or divorces. The child support lawyers Perth work diligently to secure financial support for children. That can encompass monthly child support, a fair division of assets, future educational needs, life insurance policies, and estate planning.

Financial support can be especially difficult when parents have limited means, there's family violence, substance abuse, or even an incarcerated parent. Loukas Law helps parents secure their children's future beyond simple child support with creative solutions that are amenable to all whenever possible.

The ending of a marriage is also the beginning of a new phase in life for adults and children. A family divorce lawyer at Loukas Law helps clients arrive at the best solution for everyone involved. The firm provides representation in litigation, but a divorce doesn't always need to end in court. The law firm also provides support, guidance and representation in mediation, arbitration and collaboration procedures.

Family law arbitration is one of the most desirable methods for dispute resolution in a divorce. Arbitration helps couples arrive at a binding decision without the need for the case to go through the family court system. It also reduces the financial and emotional burden on all parties, typically results in a faster resolution, and prevents private details from becoming public.

Divorce and separation impacts adults and children financially, emotionally and psychologically. For children, the effects can last into adulthood. The experts at Loukas Law works to provide solutions, while minimising the impact of separation and divorce on the entire family.

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