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Hinfo Digital Hotel Compendium: Increase Hotel Guest Online Reviews and Promote Sustainability Efforts At Your Property

Announcement posted by Hinfo (Developed by App IT Byte) 03 Oct 2022

  • Hinfo is launching Version 3.4 of their contactless hotel technology solution, today.
  • This major update includes several improvements, including a dedicated section to promote each property’s sustainability goals and efforts.
  • Hinfo now allows hotel guests to provide online reviews based on their stay, to one of many online services available, including booking engines and Google.

Many properties are becoming more vocal on their efforts on going green, to do their part with protecting the environment.

This is a result of guests seeking out green businesses where available, in addition to prioritizing more for eco-friendly products and services.

With this release, Hinfo now has a dedicated sustainability section, for properties to highlight their environmental goal and efforts.


With Hinfo being accessible via your guests own devices that they are already charging during their stay, our service results in next to zero impact on the environment.” Says Neil Houlston, Founder of Hinfo.


Before hotel guests make a booking, they are looking for any/all online reviews from previous guests staying at the property.

Guests are not only looking for 5 star reviews, but also a high average overall based on a large number of reviews.

To assist properties with acquiring additional reviews, the Hinfo hotel compendium now includes a dedicated reviews function, which allows properties to ask guests to provide an online review via one of many booking engines or search engines.


All guests are reading online reviews from previous guests during their decision-making process.” Says Neil Houlston. “Our hotel technology solution allows you to generate more reviews from guests by asking them alongside the property and local area details that they are already viewing.


The guest compendium has also received several additional upgrades with this release, including but not limited to:

  • Additional locations that can be included for many types of local services.
  • Upon guests accessing a property’s detail, the room type selection screen now adapts to cater for unique details for every guest room/apartment, if provided.
  • Added full support for 120Hz ProMotion displays on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Hinfo continues to lead the digital upgrade from all traditional hotel compendiums, to their hotel app for all property types and sizes, to improve communication with their guests.


To learn more about the Hinfo service and everything introduced today, please visit their Hinfo website.