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Why is tooth replacement essential? Explains Dr Charlie Sung, a 2022 ThreeBestRated® award-winning Cosmetic Dentist in Browns Plains, Logan City

Announcement posted by Three Best Rated® 09 Feb 2022

People get their teeth removed for various reasons. Tooth decay is one of the most commonly cited reasons for teeth removal. Besides, there are some instances, such as a physical injury, which might as well cause tooth loss. Tooth loss is a common phenomenon. However, people often fail to replace the missing teeth, which may lead to dental problems.

Do you know why is it necessary to replace a tooth?

Dr Charlie Sung of Choice Dental, a 2022 ThreeBestRated® award-winning cosmetic dentist in Logan City, Queensland, explains its need.

"Teeth function best when the chewing load is shared. When a tooth is missing, you tend to overload the remaining teeth, and they can break/crack/wear out quicker. This increases the risk of another tooth being lost and becomes the start of a destructive domino effect.", says Dr Sung.

"Also, a missing tooth just doesn't feel right!" expresses Dr Sung. The tongue notices it and doesn't like the feeling of a gap. The smile notices it and makes the smile look embarrassing. The bite notices it and makes eating food more difficult than it has to be.

Dr Sung says, "Teeth move when there's space - a missing tooth means the neighbouring teeth have room to 'drift' into the open space. This can mean your teeth start drifting out of alignment and so your remaining teeth can appear gappy."

Now, we know what happens to our dental health if we fail to replace the missing tooth.

About Dr Charlie Sung - Choice Dental

Dr Charlie Sung has been in practice since 2012. After completing his studies at the University of Queensland, he worked in Government and private clinics in Tasmania, Logan and Brisbane. He has a passionate interest in cosmetic enhancements, crown/bridgework and orthodontics. 

Dr Charlie Sung is an accredited Invisalign and braces Provider. Dr Sung is highly patient-centric. He knows what goes into a patient's mind while coming for dental treatment. So, he strives to help all his patients have a pleasant and comfortable dental experience. He practises at Choice Dental, a prominent dental practice in Browns Plains, Logan City. 

On winning the 2022 ThreeBestRated® award, he says, "It feels great for CHOICE DENTAL to be recognised for the second time in 2 years. Our team has put in a lot of effort refining our customer touchpoints in a way to improve the patient experience. We are delighted to see all the hard work paying off. The team is very happy for the recognition and will celebrate the occasion."

Choice Dental's 2022 plan involves growing the business by looking at extended opening hours and bringing on new staff to support that growth.    

To get in touch with Dr Sung, visit - https://www.choice-dental.com.au/.