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BeThere™ Group combines expertise with software platform CAPTUR3D to create insurance-specific SaaS

Announcement posted by BeThere™ Group 24 Jan 2020

Today, BeThere™Group has joined forces with CAPTUR3D to provide cutting edge, industry-specific SaaS for insurance. 

BeThere™ and CAPTUR3D have combined their extensive knowledge of the insurance process, customer service and software development to meet the needs of the ever-expanding insurance industry. 

Leading with one of the fastest-growing tech hardware companies in the US, Matterport, BeThere and CAPTUR3D will pair the latest 3D digital evidence with a best-in-class sharing platform, to assist incumbents and 3rd party providers. 

CEO and Co-Founder of BeThere™, Grant Beck, brings to the table six years of intensive experience with insurance claims. As a building assessor and Forensic Fire Scene Investigator, Beck knows first hand the pain points experienced by claims handlers, customers and suppliers when attempting to show stakeholders the magnitude of loss at their property. 

Beck explains just how transformative these digital tools will be in easing the claims process:

“Using 3D tools to scan an area of damage is going to change the way we look and manage claims. Our workforce of claims handlers is younger and technology to them is the now, not the future. So if we can use this technology to almost gamify their job role to better understand a loss we will see better customer service, improved NPS scores, and overall retention in staff into a role that has on average 40% turnover of staff per annum”.

COO of BeThere™, Simon Wojcik, has been able to use his decade of experience in business development and training to guide the transition to this new SaaS with customers: 

“Technology is advancing so quickly that organisations need to constantly look for ways to improve and innovate otherwise risk being left behind. Insurance is a unique industry with its own set of challenges.  We have worked extensively with industry experts to tailor and develop a safe and secure 3D solution to fit seamlessly into existing processes whilst providing industry-specific, onsite training and support.”

As a world leading content management system for Matterport Virtual Tours, CAPTUR3D provides a cost-effective and efficient way to manage 3D data. By building specific digital tools for insurance, CAPTUR3D is allowing the benefits of 3D data to become ubiquitous across the entire industry. 

COO of CAPTUR3D, Steven Kounnas, envisions how quickly this approach to data management could become an industry standard: 

“We’re seeing this kind of data visualisation technology be adopted at an extraordinary rate overseas, particularly in the US. The intuitive nature of digital twins is such that the insurance process can become truly accessible for all stakeholders involved. Being able to visualise data in real-time ultimately aids the transparency of claims handling, limiting the opportunity for disputes. As such, we want to see digital twin technology really find a foothold here in Australia and New Zealand.” 

For more information, please visit us @ https://bethere.net.au  or contact us on 1300 050 098

About the BeThere™ Group

BeThere™ Group provides 3D Digital Evidence Capture Solutions and associated Virtual Reality Training to Companies, Enterprise and Government Organisations. 

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CAPTUR3D is the all-in-one Content Management System that extends value to your Matterport Virtual Tours.

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