Are Aussie couples heading for a Valentine's Day fail?

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, will Cupid’s bow strike loved-up Aussie couples this year or could it miss them completely as new research suggests that we are severely lacking in the love department with over half of men confessing to never buying their loved one a gift.

The research, conducted by the Independent Grocers of Australia, IGA, has revealed  that Aussie men are heading for the Valentine’s Day bad books this year, especially when it comes to parting with their dollars to buy gifts, with 1 in 4 spending under $302.

It therefore comes as no surprise that when asked how much they would like to spend on a gift if their partner didn’t find out, 1 in 3 men admitted it would be as little as five dollars – further evidence that romance could be heading for trouble this Valentine’s Day.

And it’s not just the cost of gifts that is proving problematic for men, they are also lacking inspiration in the ideas department with some unusual gifts topping the poll of previous Valentine’s Day presents including kitchen gadgets (18 per cent), heart- shaped gifts (16 per cent) and personal grooming items (15 per cent).
Out of the 47 per cent of men that do buy gifts, 83 per cent of those presents are bought in an unplanned, last minute dash to the shops. With a mad panic on the day, it’s no surprise that 1 in 3 say that they find buying a Valentine’s Day gift stressful and could explain those unconventional present choices that crop up from year to year.

Even the men who do buy gifts regularly aren’t complete angels with a further 45 per cent ending up in trouble with their partner after committing the ultimate faux pas of forgetting to buy a gift all together at some point in their relationship.

So, in an effort to make a Valentine’s Day easy for couples everywhere, IGA is giving men a much needed helping hand with gift inspiration, offering a range of great value gifts including bouquets of roses and chocolates that will make their loved ones happy without stretching the wallet, all with the convenience of a local store. 

Speaking about the results, Madeleine Fitzpatrick, General Manager Marketing, Metcash Food and Grocery, said: “While Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about spending hundreds of dollars on a gift, it’s the perfect opportunity to make your partner feel special and treat them to something nice. We know that not all customers have time to plan their gifts ahead so at IGA we’re on hand to make life easier with last minute purchases that won’t break the bank.

“With an IGA just around the corner, there is no excuse for coming home without a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift to make your loved one smile – no matter how last minute it is!” concludes Fitzpatrick.

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