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McDonald Inc. Launches To Push Boundaries Of Women Leadership Globally — Through Sustainable Change

Announcement posted by LeadershipHQ 12 May 2021

An emerging organisation with a purposeful mission to ambitiously set about the business of getting women back into work, leadership positions, and entrepreneurship. Leading 1 million women with the courage to step in, step up, and start up.



Barriers to entry in male-dominated fields have reached unprecedented high levels to the detriment of women in the past. At present, the positive movement for female representation in leadership positions, entrepreneurship, and in the workplace gathering momentum comes as a welcome relief. But while this cultural progress may signal a paradigm shift, it is of little or no significance without societal frameworks to give expression to this progressive wave that is catching up with modern societies. 


McDonald Inc. is one of such societal frameworks innovated to champion the cause for women by paving ways for women inclusion in male-dominated spaces, through empowerment and education. Women who find themselves in these positions in their careers and would love to transition seamlessly into entrepreneurship and become business owners and founders are given all the enlightenment they need.  This is made possible through the Executive Pivot program under the auspices of McDonald Inc.


“The inception of this organisation could not have come sooner given the purposeful and meaningful impact that our operations are bound to foster for potential women leaders,” said CEO and Founder of McDonald Inc., Sonia McDonald. “By harnessing the power of innovative thinking and approaches driven by entrepreneurial insight, savvy and altruistic concern for women’s welfare, all major stakeholders including us, the people we work with, and young and emerging leaders are unto a seismic shift in the world of women globally.”


Unwaveringly devoted to helping women achieve that good-to-great transformation they desire, McDonald Inc. boasts a membership platform that fosters camaraderie with flexible membership options. From extensive tools to resources, hacks, courses, programs, and information, McDonald Inc. demonstrates savvy and rock-solid dedication in empowering women to become courageous, authentic, and kind leaders in their careers, and lives.


In a recent interview with Sonia, she enthused: “These are exciting times for us. There has never been a more critical need and urgency for a company such as McDonald Inc. to provide strategies and programs that help women, communities and companies with end-to-end solutions helping women back into the workforce, get that seat at the leadership table, and become owners and founders of fantastic businesses.”


A renowned speaker, Sonia evidently ‘walks the talk’ as far as her oft-referenced lectures on inclusionary leadership go with McDonald Inc. allowing for strategic tie-ups and collaborations with corporates to provide them with impactful leadership programs.


These collaborations set the tone for an increased focus on women’s development and recruitment in the corporate space, the result of which yields high representation in leadership positions and on boards, improved women participation, and retention rates. These companies become willful agents of change, further enhancing their brand image as an organisation that is diverse, inclusive, and supportive of women in the workplace.


Sonia added, "I see a world that provides businesses and companies with the strategies and leadership to attract, create and build women for the workplace and outside the four walls of the workplace — in leadership and entrepreneurship. But first, we can only achieve this when we recognize that the time to act is now.”


To learn more about McDonald Inc., the incredible membership and strategies we offer our members, clients, and organisations we work with, and our array of programs geared towards fostering great leadership, visit: https://www.mcdonaldinc.com.au/



For more information or to interview Sonia McDonald, contact:

Sonia McDonald or Katie Watts 0424 447 616 | 1300 719 665


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