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Aphrodisiacs - do they work?

Announcement posted by It's My Health 13 Feb 2012

Can certain foods really improve how you performance in the bedroom and increase sexual desire?With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the health site www.itsmyhealth.com.au researched the literature aboutjust what it is in these so called ‘aphrodisiacs’ that makes things a notch friskier in the bedroom.

The word aphrodisiac comes to us from Aphrodite, goddess of sexuality and romantic love.Historically, almost any edible thing has been – at some point in time – considered to be an aphrodisiac, and that raises the obvious question – what foods out there are in fact proven aphrodisiacs?

Here we’ve reviewed some of the most commonly known aphrodisiacs – from chocolate to Spanish fly, do they really work as promised? What are the supporting “clinically” studies? And probably most importantly - is it safe?

The full report can be seen at http://www.itsmyhealth.com.au/healthy-living/general-health/aphrodisiacs---do-they-work--pt1.

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