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Crowdsourcing company hosts 2010 Australian Election on Facebook

Announcement posted by DesignCrowd.com 11 Aug 2010

Sydney based crowdsourcing company, DesignCrowd, have launched a Facebook application to allow people to nominate and vote any Australian as the People's Choice Prime Minister of Australia
Design crowdsourcing company DesignCrowd have just launched The Australian Election 2010 on Facebook - a crowdsourcing application on Facebook that allows people to nominate and vote any Australian as Australia's 'Honorary Prime Minister on Facebook'. Initial candidates include Julia Gillard, Tony Abbot and Kevin Rudd as well Hamish & Andy, George Calombaris, Mark McInnes and The Fully Sick Rapper.

The initiative was the idea of DesignCrowd’s CEO, Alec Lynch, who wanted to give Australians a platform to voice their opinions on the candidates, Gillard and Abbott, and the ability to suggest alternatives. Lynch says "We'd like to know who the public would want as their PM if given the choice. Would it be Gillard or Abbott or would it be Wilson Tuckey or Sam Newman? Does the public really prefer Gillard to Rudd? These are questions the public doesn't get asked and we think the answers would be interesting." Lynch says the initiative's purpose is also to provide some entertainment, "This election has been more boring than a weekend trip to Adelaide so we're hoping this will be a bit of fun. Some of the candidates nominated so far include Dave Hughes, Chopper Read and Mr Squiggle."


DesignCrowd is also aiming to stimulate public discussion and interest in 'crowdsourcing' and how it might help governments and politicians. Lynch states the application page is “an experiment that could create some debate around how governments and politicians use technology. The Internet is transforming the way business is done, why isn’t it transforming government? Politicians could use the Internet and crowdsourcing for policy formation, online voting, pre-selections, referendums and issue suggestion - but they don’t. Our Facebook page took a day to create – the technology exists. Microsoft have launched TownHall software, Google have launched an 'Under 18' election - it’s about time governments and politicians started looking to the future as well.”

The application will be accepting votes until 10AM on the 20th of August when the winner will be announced. Australians can visit and vote in 'The Australian Election 2010 on Facebook' via this link:


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