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Design contest website launches hybrid crowdsourcing model with 15,000 designers

Announcement posted by DesignCrowd.com 07 Jun 2010

Crowdsourcing website DesignCrowd.com welcomes designer number 15,000 and launches hybird design crowdsourcing model
Design contest website DesignCrowd (www.designcrowd.com) - a leading design crowdsourcing service - has just launched a new 'hybrid' crowdsourcing model. Customers who post design contests on DesignCrowd can now select, invite and pay specific graphic designers to submit designs to their project and, at the same time, keep their project open and receive scores of designs and ideas from around the world.

The new model - inspired by the concept of a 'mini crowd' - allows businesses to find designers with portfolios they like, or designers they've used before, and invite them to work on their project. Alec Lynch, Managing Director of DesignCrowd says, "Essentially, it's the best of both worlds. You get to combine the openness of crowdsourcing with the benefits of traditional design outsourcing where you get to hand pick designers that suit your project. What we're now offering is crowdsourcing where multiple people get paid." Lynch says DesignCrowd is constantly seeking to improve the crowdsourcing model and believes the new hybrid system will increase the quality of the output and reduce the risk for designers.

DesignCrowd Grows to 15,000 Designers
DesignCrowd has also just welcomed its 15000th graphic designer and has launched a brand new Graphic Designer Directory. Businesses will now be able to browse DesignCrowd's 15,000+ graphic designers from around the world and then pick and choose their favourites. DesignCrowd's directory includes both geographic categories such as Graphic Design India, Graphic Design Australia, Graphic Design UK as well as product specific categories including Logo Designers, Flyer Designers, Web Page Designers, Icon Designers and Banner Ad Designers.

DesignCrowd CEO Alec Lynch says "we are very proud of not only the size of our design community and its growth but also the quality and caliber of designers". Lynch expects DesignCrowd's community to grow to 100,000 designers within the next twelve months.

About DesignCrowd
DesignCrowd is a leading design crowdsourcing marketplace for everything from online logo design and stationery design to illustration and flyer design.

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