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Australian company, Senquip, wins major Internet of Things (IoT) award

Announcement posted by Senquip 12 Nov 2021


Port Stephens based company, Senquip, is thrilled to have won the Australia wide Internet of Things Alliance award for interoperability by design.

Senquip designs and manufactures telemetry devices that connect machines to the internet.  By design, Senquip telemetry devices connect to any industrial sensor or system and send the data measured to a server of the customer’s choosing.  Senquip works with industrial and mining companies in Australia and the world to remotely monitor machines locally.

"We are seeing increased opportunity to monitor and control autonomous mining equipment in WA, and this award demonstrates that Australian Senquip is leading the pack when it comes to connecting to and extracting data from remote machines and making it available locally" said Norman Ballard, CEO of Senquip.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way industrial and mining companies operate by enabling automation, providing remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance, and allowing the optimisation of more processes than ever before.  Senquip is proud to be an award-winning manufacturer of IoT devices in Australia.


Senquip, winner IoTAA interoperability award

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