The Frenchie Escapes inspires mademoiselles to explore Australia

By Briana Healey in Marcoms News on
The Frenchie Escapes is a dual language travel blog which captures the wanderlust adventures of French-born public relations professional Marine Raynard, who relocated to Sydney in 2014 and now uses the platform to showcase her leisurely escapades across Australia and beyond with photography, stories and videos.
Since its original inception on a turbulent flight between Ho Chi Minh City and Sydney two years ago, Raynard has spent many months researching and developing content ideas for the blog, which takes a relaxed approach and is segmented into six pillars under Life in Sydney, Escape, Traveller’s Tales, Photographs, Videos and En Francais.
At the age of 23, Raynard’s passport has received stamps from 46 countries and she has explored all the continents of the world with a determination to discover different cultures. Today, her blog offers an inspiring hub for English and French readers alike to escape their everyday lives.
Speaking to Influencing, Raynard said The Frenchie Escapes is about discovering more of Australia and the wider world, while also providing a unique and fascinating insight into the local tourism industry. “If you like the sea, the mountains, the countryside, or the desert, you have a lot of choices only a drive away - no need to go for weeks at a time, you can have amazing adventures in one or two days. That’s what I want to show,” she explained.
“Travelling has always been a very important part of my life, as I grew up being literally on a plane every two or three months with my parents. Copying my mum, I started writing travel journals when I was 8 years old. Although it was extremely basic, I kept writing about places, dates and times, and experiences.
“I continued throughout the years and started blogging in my late teens. From the age of 10, my dad put a camera in my hand. I kept taking pictures innocently and went through at least 8 cameras of all sorts. It was only in my late teenage years that I actually realised I should do more with my photography skills and got a proper camera. Since then I’ve had many opportunities to use my photography and writing skills in my travels - just the perfect mix for me!”
Raynard currently works as a media relations consultant and graphic designer at tech communications agency Hotwire PR, where she implements her Bachelor of Information and Communication degree and visual arts experience across its PR and digital campaigns.
“When I started my Masters in International Relations in Paris, I fell into the public relations industry with a full-time internship at Edelman Paris in their tech team. I’ve always loved technology and I had such a great time working on international clients and working on multiple projects that I came to realise PR might be for me,” she said.
“There are lots of great things about working in this industry but what I love most is that you are never bored. Things keep moving all the time and that’s an amazing way to learn new things every day. I love being active and busy all the time! I also love that we are doing mostly tech PR as this is such a fascinating industry. There’s never been a more exciting time to see how technology is shaping our world.”
Armed with public relations know-how, Raynard has already conducted a reader giveaway, and is actively seeking out new promotional opportunities that suit well and are enjoyable to her audience.
“I always enjoy talking about products or brands if I think they have been useful for me and might be for my readers. Working with PR professionals can be very resourceful and I know the industry well, but what I love best is being in the field, taking notes and pictures,” she said.
Readers can also anticipate some newer ventures, including a YouTube channel which highlights Raynard's journeys throughout the latter half of 2016, with upcoming trips planned around Sydney and interstate, as well as overseas.
“I want to push myself to do more videos in a documentary style and want to use my graphic design skills more. I’m also preparing a new project launching in the next few months linked to this blog, mixing everything about the ocean, photography and design,” she added.
“Make sure to stay connected with me to know more soon! My head is buzzing with ideas 24/7 so you never know, there might be more unexpected things coming up!”
Contact Marine at or follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Follow Coupland on LinkedIn.

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