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Known outbound numbers are important for avoiding spam filters

By Seamus Byrne in Media News on
If journalists haven't been picking up your call as much lately, keep in mind it might not just be that they're ignoring you. More and more of our smartphones have built-in filtering, and if you're not in our contact list or you're calling from a number that isn't clearly mentioned in an email, you might get sent to the spam bucket.
Spam calls are officially Out Of Control these days. Late last year it really seemed to skyrocket, and I wondered more than once if there was some connection between badly managed COVID 'safety' QR codes in stores and the fresh wave of spam calls. Probably not.
If I answer every call to my mobile in a day from every number, whether it's an Australian landline or mobile identifier, I'll be answering at least three robotic or live spam / scam calls.
Note that they're not blocking numbers. They're pretending to be legit local numbers.
With all that in mind, Google and Apple now have filtering options to deal with calls from unknown numbers. Typically these are hiding or screening calls from numbers that aren't in our contact lists. Often there's also intelligence to check our emails for relevant numbers so it can make a good guess at who it is based on previous contact.
I know Google’s Call Screening function is yet to hit local shores, but other filters are often used. Apple iOS now has a function to send all calls from unknown numbers direct to voicemail.
So that means there are a couple of solutions here.
1. Check in with your contacts and ensure they have your up to date contact details in their address books.
2. Make sure the phone number that appears on your outbound caller ID is displayed in your email signature so it can be automatically matched in case you aren't in a contact list. Remember that sometimes the outbound number isn’t your direct line, and that could be a sticking point with automated spam filters.
3. Follow up a call where you were screened with a quick SMS to flag it was you and what the call was about.
That last point can be controversial, so choose your targets carefully, but I get the feeling this might help in the cases where people don't check their voicemails all that often either. (Yes, that's me).
And maybe one more?
4. Encourage your contacts to actually keep their contact lists up to date.
Journos are rarely running any kind of CRM, and we’ve often run afoul of testing ‘advanced’ contact software that ruins everything with a dodgy merge function. So it’s helpful to encourage people to have your up to date details on hand so your call is from a known number and not one that gets instantly filtered with nary a chance of a chat.
This can be as simple as a nice ‘update’ to contacts on the best contact numbers to reach you on and the numbers people can expect to receive your calls from.
This is all annoying admin work, but isn't this early part of the year a great time to get all those digital admin jobs up to scratch before the year gets hectic?
Happy 2021!

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Kumarawansa starts with SBS News

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Hashela Kumarawansa has kicked off her new role with SBS News in Melbourne.

She made the announcement by Tweeting a pic of her with a mic that had an SBS News block attached.

Kumarawansa came to Melbourne after over a year in Ballarat covering news for WIN TV.

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Armytage leaves Sunrise

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Samantha Armytage is vacating her co-hosting spot at Channel Seven breakfast show Sunrise.

She said in today’s episode that personal crises over the past few months brought her to this decision. She had been with the show for eight years.

“I have always been very brave and fearless in my life and my career and this decision is no different… I go out of this job at a time of my own choosing and on top of the ratings, which not many people on television can say they do,” Armytage stated.

The Sydney Morning Herald hinted, though, that the move came as a result of network tensions building up for a year, ranging from Armytage’s behavior towards criticism and almost no off-set communications between Sunrise’s presenters.

Her final broadcast will be on 11 March. 

She remains under contract with Seven for the remainder of 2021 and no date has been set for her return, however it has been confirmed she won’t be returning to her co-hosting pos

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Adam Langenberg is now at the Hobart studios of national broadcaster ABC.

He made the journey to Tasmania after over a year in Ottawa, Canada, where he worked freelance for the Ottawa Business Journal and later as full-time reporter for the Hill Times’ The Wire Report telco industry section.

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The two products Stephen Fenech likes to review

By Elliott Richardson in Media News on
Tech Guide has been around for a decade and Stephen Fenech has worked out exactly what his audience wants when it comes to product reviews.
Appearing on Influencing Insider, Fenech said there are two styles of products he’s interested in reviewing.
“They’re the products that I’m interested in, that I personally like and there are the products that are really big and really hot in the market right now. So I tend to look towards trends. The products I cover would be, for example, smart products. Whenever these devices get popular they’re obviously very popular to review because that’s what people are looking for.
“There’s a big section of tech as well that I like to cover. Personally, I’m a big fan of audiovisual, so TVs, projectors, speakers, audio systems, digital cameras. I’m big into photography as well. They’re the areas I like and they’re popular with the readers as well.”

Sexton to lead Rail Express

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Trains industry publication Rail Express has welcomed David Sexton as its new editor.

He came over from the Daily Cargo News, where he turned over his editor spot to Ian Ackerman.

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SEN 1620 Gold Coast to cover live events

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Gold Coast station SEN1620 is preparing live coverage of sporting events.

The Sports Entertainment Network revealed that the station is rebranding under a new logo (pictured) and will feature home matches of AFL team Gold Coast Suns and NRL team Gold Coast Titans. A show called Maroons Radio will feature the State of Origin.

For the programming lineup, Breakfast with Pat and Heals stays on the 6:30AM-8:30AM timeslot, local primetime show Sportsday with Gary Belcher and Scott Sattler has been expanded to two hours. 

The station will also retain Wednesday/Saturday afternoon show Trackside and Andrew Bensley’s self-titled show Bensley, as will The Driver’s Seat with Steve Johnson and Matt McKeldon.

New shows for SEN Gold Coast include Mornings with Matt White at 10AM-12 noon every Monday to Thursday, Morning Glory with Matty Johns every 9AM on Fridays, Gerard Whateley’s lunch hour show, and Drive with Joel and Fletch.

“SEN has long had a strong listener b

Industry Update welcomes new editor

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Manufacturing trades publication Industry Update has tapped Barry O’Hagan as its new editor. 

He came aboard after finishing up communications work at IBM ANZ. His editorial experience was from editor roles in some trade and lifestyle titles and deputy chief sub-editor for a South African daily newspaper.

O’Hagan’s selection came out of a need for new leadership following Laurence Marchini’s retirement a year ago.

“It is essential that market leading publications such as Industry Update continue to grow, and we achieve that growth by new people and fresh ideas,” said Industry Update owner/publisher Scott Filby.

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