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How the Facebook blackout was viewed overseas

By Seamus Byrne in Media News on
It’s been tricky covering the Facebook news cut off in the local scene given just how directly it impacts us all. So how have things been analysed beyond our shores? Let’s take a look.
Emily Bell, The Guardian
“The untidy withdrawal from Australian news highlights how vulnerable entire countries can be to dependency on unreliable and unregulated distribution networks. It is also a reminder that at heart, neither Google or Facebook are primarily motivated by supporting journalism at all costs, or by providing transparency and accountability.”
“Governments have arguably not paid nearly enough attention to producing alternative digital solutions to giant centralised advertising companies that provide an increasing number of communication services for their citizens. Facebook’s petulance has inadvertently made a case in Australia for more regulation rather than less.”
Mike Masnick, Techdirt
“I get it, Facebook is a terrible, terrible company and deserves lots of blame for lots of bad things that it does. But this ain't it… The bill has all sorts of problems, but there are two huge ones that should concern basically anyone who supports a free and open internet.”
“Australia is saying it wants to tax links to news on Facebook, and Facebook responds in the exact way any reasonable economist would predict: it says that's just not worth it and bans links. That's not incompatible with democracy. It's not bringing a country to its knees. The country said "this is how much news links cost" and Facebook said "oh, that's too expensive, so we'll stop.”
Kara Swisher, New York Times
“Creating a protection racket for legacy media companies does nothing innovative to help journalism’s weakened financial ecosystem, brought on in part by the rise of the internet giants. While no one likes the idea of painting the fences at Google or Facebook without pay, Australia’s proposal does not help create sustainable business models for journalism.”
“Like I said, choosing between Mr. Murdoch and Mr. Zuckerberg is awful. It totally ignores the real issue of how to get more money in the hands of journalists. And while the moguls battle, reporting suffers.”
Casey Newton, Platformer
“I think Facebook basically did the right thing, and Google basically did the wrong thing, even though Google had a much tougher call to make.”
“Google’s capitulation means that Australian crony capitalism is now likely to be exported worldwide. Legacy media outlets will become richer — and also more dependent on the tech giants that they excoriate daily for having too much power over them. All the while, the media industry will continue to consolidate, and it will be harder to get or keep a job in journalism.”
Benedict Evans
“The argument goes that even though Google and FB get little to no direct economic value from news, they get indirect value from being comprehensive, and so they 'would' pay to link to news of their own accord if it were not for their market dominance, and so this is a competition law problem. ”
“Companies that have done best at building new business models and trying to stand on their own feet receive less, because that mostly means a pay model instead of purely free ad-supported, and a site with a pay model gets linked much less on social media, and so gets less subsidy… you end up penalising the companies that try not to need it, and so force the industry into continued dependence.”

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More Influencing|Tech

Edmond Tran appointed Screenhub managing editor

By Elliott Richardson in Media News on
Film, television and videogames website Screenhub has appointed former Australian editor of GameSpot, Edmond Tran as managing editor.
Tran arrives at the outlet having spent the past eight years at GameSpot and previously worked at CBS Interactive as a video producer for GameSpot, CNET, ZDNet and
He said he’s looking forward to moving into the role at Screenhub.
“I'm very pleased to be able to focus my energy on championing our local film, television,  and videogame industries,” Tran said. 
"There is so much excellent stuff happening in the world of screen media and Australians are a significant part of that. I look forward to shining a spotlight on a diverse range of people and projects, and  hopefully helping more folks realise the full breadth of experiences and opportunities these  wonderful mediums can offer." 
Content director George Dunford said welcomed Tran to the outlet.

Print IT! Late February 2021

By Seamus Byrne in Media News on
Loads of titles back on stands as the year gets back in full swing over recent weeks. This week we’re checking in on APC, Appliance Retailer, Camera, Circuit, and PC Powerplay.

How’s your home network? APC wants to help you make it ready for all the devices you want to throw at it with its cover feature this month. Plus there’s a big feature on the future of a lot of important tech that underpins everything else, like GPUs, coolers, storage and peripherals.
Opinion columns from Shaun Prescott, on the Trump ban from Twitter, and Joel Burgess, on the Google threat to drop Australia, have that tricky air of being behind the curve on two fast moving themes in the news cycle that monthly mags struggle to follow closely – but both do look at the bigger picture on the issues.
Nick Ross reviews the latest BenQ EW3280U monitor while Ben Mansill takes the delicious Alienware AW3821DW for an APC Hot Product award winning spin. Hope Corrigan deliver

Armytage hosts new Stellar podcast

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

News Corp Australia lifestyle brand Stellar has introduced a new podcast show starring columnist Samantha Armytage, called Something To Talk About with Samantha Armytage (pictured).

The new show will have Armytage interviewing guests every week and discuss their opinions and beliefs on various issues. 

The first episode is going live on 28 February, and that week’s issue of Stellar will also feature Armytage and the new show.

“I really like what Stellar does as a magazine. It’s fabulous, fresh, and well put-together – and that’s why I choose to contribute to it. I think it’s really interesting that in the media landscape, the most popular and interesting magazine of the time is actually a free magazine in the Sunday paper,” said Armytage.

O’Brien to join Newshub Nation

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

NZ content portal Newshub is assigning political editor Tova O’Brien as Simon Shepherd’s co-host on Channel Three politics and current affairs show Newshub Nation. 

The pairing was decided after a review of them hosting last year’s post-election special showed their strong chemistry.  

"I'm utterly thrilled to be joining the brilliant Simon Shepherd and the hard-working, hard-hitting, fun Newshub Nation team. This show has always been a big part of my political life and the perfect way to start a weekend!  The long form interviews and political current affairs give us an exciting opportunity to dig a little deeper and get to the stories behind the stories," said O’Brien.

The show is slated to go back on air on 27 February. 

Follow O’Brien on Twitter @TovaOBrien.

Two blokes talking tech for a decade

By Elliott Richardson in Media News on
Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech have become two of the most well-known voices and faces in the Australian tech community through their work on EFTM and Tech Guide respectively.
The pair have also spent the past 10 years hosting the Two Blokes Talking Tech podcast each week alongside their many other media commitments.
Long and Fenech says it’s a partnership and friendship that developed through seeing each other at industry events and appearing together on another podcast.
We had known each other from different events, and Stephen was doing tech at 2GB where Trevor was working also. Then James Manning at Mediaweek invited us to talk Tech on his podcast, which became a semi regular thing. One time, while waiting before recording with James, we decided we should do a show together, and we did - and have done now weekly for 10 years!”
Having worked on the show for 10 years now, the pair says they have shared some fantastic trips

Shala to anchor FOX FM Melbourne breakfast

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Josiah Shala has signed up as the anchor of Fox FM’s upcoming Breakfast show Fifi, Fev, and Nick, reported Radio Today.

The move is Shala’s first major assignment after Southern Cross Austereo scrapped most regional Victoria breakfast shows to have one station syndicate content. His show, Josiah and Elly at HIT 96.9 Goulbourn Valley, was one of the canned shows.

Shala will take over the post from show co-host Nick Cody.

Follow Shala on Twitter @JosiahShala.

5 Minutes with Geoff Quattromani

By Seamus Byrne in Media News on
Juggling freelance across a wide range of outlets and formats while running a podcast alongside a day job in digital transformation? That’s Quattromani’s routine and we’re catching up to find out more in today’s 5 Minutes.
What do you do and where does your work appear?
I'm heard on numerous radio stations across Australia, in Singapore and Malta. I appear on Sunrise and Studio 10. I write for The Australian, Men's Health, Car Expert and regularly and other websites from time to time. I also host my own podcast, Technology Uncorked, with two episodes per week (interviews and news/reviews). Outside of all of that I am the Digital Transformation Manager at Johnson & Johnson.
Anything else in your career you’ve been known for?
I run a yearly tech program at my old high school to encourage STEM with prizes and awards as my own way of giving back plus, encouraging our future tech leaders.
What did you really wan

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Edmond Tran appointed Screenhub managing editor
Screenhub has appointed a new managing director.

Print IT! Late February 2021
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Two blokes talking tech for a decade
Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech celebrate 10 years of Two Blokes Talking Tech. ... Show more

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Armytage hosts new Stellar podcast
Samantha Armytage is running a new podcast for Stellar.

O’Brien to join Newshub Nation
Tova O’Brien goes on camera at Newshub Nation.

Shala to anchor FOX FM Melbourne breakfast
Josiah Shala is part of FOX FM Melbourne’s breakfast show.

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Cummins and Partners, Romano Beck strike PR deal
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Thrive PR adds new personnel
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Agent99 lands SFI deal
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