Hague lets Australian Drones loose

By Craig Daveson in Media News on
Australian Videocamera publisher David Hague has opened up his new website focusing exclusively on Australian Drones.
According to Hague, it's a logical progression given the many applications drones have for the professional and amateur photography worlds as well as the previous coverage he has given to the devices at Australian Videocamera.
Speaking to Influencing, Hague said that after going to the the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) conference recently, he noticed that the interest in drones was “phenomenal,” especially when compared to the stands for more traditional cameras.
At the same time however, Hague noted that strict rules from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) on both professional and professional use has made the uptake of the devices more subtle than the enthusiasm at SMPTE would imply.
“I think the rules put in place by CASA are pretty tough,” explained Hague.
“For professional people, depending on the type of drone you have to have a proper licence for it, which could put a lot of people off.”
“Also from people I’ve spoken to at SMPTE and around the traps, I think that photographers and video people are looking at drones for another way of adding a weapon to that armoury to take different videos and market them accordingly.”
As such, Hague said that one focus of the site will be to thoroughly explore CASA’s regulations, adding guides, reviews and news of drones and accessories will also be regular features on the site.
Given that the world of drones is much larger than just professional photography, Hague added that the site will also provide limited coverage of other types of drones as well. This is due to the idea that users of more entry-level drones can eventually graduate to more complex devices from the likes of GoPro, DJI and Parrot further down the line.
On working with PR people, Hague emphasised that even more than reviews, one of the most popular types of content with professional users is case studies that look into how specific devices are being used and in what areas.
“People love those because they like to know what their peers are doing, and then to think of ideas that might be the same, or slightly skewed on these ideas, to go and then market their own work.”
The Australian Drones site is currently being developed as Hague’s first foray into Wordpress, and can be visited at australiandrone.com.au.
Hague can also be reached via his david@auscamonline.com email address for all things drone and photography related.

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