END OF YEAR REVIEW: Adeline Er, blogger at Through Beauty Eyes

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We chat to Adeline Er, the founder and blogger of beauty website Through Beauty Eyes. She tells us the top blogging trends this year, her predictions for 2013 and some extensive advice for PRs to work with her better.


How has 2012 been for you and your site?

2012 has been a good year - I have learnt so much about blogging through events such as Beauty Blogger Utopia and Twitter chats (the Australian beauty bloggers have a Twitter chat every Sunday at 8pm AEST, using the hashtag #bbloggersoz), met heaps of bloggers (some of which blossomed into friendships) and I have had been given opportunities and meet people that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

What has been the biggest highlight of your year?

To be part of the Beauty Blogger Utopia conference - which is an invite only event to the top beauty bloggers in Australia.

What's your favourite story/post you wrote this year?

Mandela Day - A short post about collaboration between Dermalogica and FITE on Mandela Day
(Always love a good collaboration between a brand and charity - and I am able to at the very least help
spread the message via ThroughBeautyEyes!)

FOTD & Tips: The Glasses Make Up featuring Jane Iredale Lips Fixation in Passion (because I got my first
features on PRIMPED and also to convey the message to girls with glasses that you can still look good
with glasses :D)

Through Beauty Eyes Social Diary - Something I came up with in the last month. Just a quick recap of
events/ launches I have been to! I love recaps and it gives quick overviews about events happening/
products to be launched/ recently launched. Definitely going to make this a frequent feature!

What has been the biggest media or blogging trend of the year?

Blogging has definitely grown immensely in 2012, especially in Australia. More brands are starting to see blogging as an effective advertising platform and begin to establish relationships with bloggers.

Apart from that, there have been increasing influences from blogs in consumers’ spending decisions compared to the traditional media. From a personal point of you, I am more likely to buy/ try a new product recommended by a fellow blogger rather than what I see on TV/ video commercials.

How is 2013 lining up for you?

It’s looking good so far - I have some fresh ideas with ThroughBeautyEyes (although serious actions are still required to make it happen) and hopefully another project will be on the way. I am foreseeing working more closely with PR next year and hopefully I am able to get more exposures to the digital marketing side of things too.

Thinking about the blogosphere in Australia, what are your predictions for 2013?

It will definitely be growing at a quicker rate than 2012 - that’s for sure - and also, bloggers being more recognised by brands and hopefully us bloggers are able to get compensated for the time and effort we put in.

How would you rate your contact with PRs this year?

Definitely a significant increase compared to previous years and I have built some good relationships with PRs too!

What exact subjects of pitches or releases are you interested in receiving from PR professionals?

I would like to get more involved in the marketing campaigns and initiatives rather than the traditional “here’s the product, try it out, review”. Perhaps pitches about working together in creating better content.

And also, my blog has also been branching out from beauty, I am definitely looking forward to working with fashion, lifestyle (including events and beverages) PRs.

Is there any advice you can give PRs to work with you more effectively?

Always address the blogger you’re about to pitch too and only pitch something you think its relevant to my blog. No, my name is not “there” and I know you do not love my blog (as you claimed) if you’re pitching about anti-aging or anti acne products. And spamming me with your recent press releases before introducing yourself is not the best way to start a relationship either.

Also, please keep a spreadsheet or record of the bloggers you have contacted and all its related communications! I once had a PR contacted me asking if I was interested in trying this range of products. Before I could agree to anything, she sent a “follow up” email, asking if I have written about the product, if not, when I will be. Instant delete and never see you later.

Best PR event you went to this year?

This is a tough one as I have attended several great events this year from Bio Oil’s 10th anniversary celebration to Schwarzkoph #ShakeItUp launch and the list goes on but if I had to choose the best, it would have been Legally Blonde Musical.

I know, this is not even a proper PR event but LustHaveIt was generous enough to sponsor all BBU delegates to watch the preview of Legally Blonde Australia musical and the BEST part was – backstage visit after the musical! Highlight of the night was getting a shot with the handsome David Harris and Rob Mills!

Best PR pitch you received this year?

A paid opportunity to the opening of a new store - it’s good to know that companies are finally acknowledging the time and effort us bloggers have to put in and are offering some consideration for our time and effort.

Best TV show?

Top three - Suits, Revenge and The Vampire Diaries.

Best books of the year?

The Bronze Horseman Trilogy by Pauline Simones

Best videogame of the year?

The only video game I have ever played was Super Mario Bros. when I was 10. Ha.

Best new piece of technology?

iPad! Although I don’t currently own one - definitely something to be added into my Apple collection. It’s no longer something I ‘want’ its something I ‘need’.

Best Twitter account you followed this year?

@MarketingEyeAus and @Econsultancy - They are great source of information about the constantly revolving digital marketing world. For someone that isn’t from a marketing background like myself, I always take away useful knowledge/information from articles they tweet about! For those of you who are trying to learn more about digital marketing and social media, don’t forget to check them out!


Find out more about Through Beauty Eyes. You can also follow Adeline on Twitter.

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