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5 Minutes with Shaun Prescott

By Seamus Byrne in Media News on
Shaun Prescott wears a few hats around Sydney’s Future Publishing offices, typically while holding a game controller (or keyboard and mouse). But don’t check if he’s on Twitter. Here’s his 5 Minutes.
What do you do and where does your work appear?
I'm an Australian editor for PC Gamer. I also write for APC, occasionally Techradar and Gamesradar, and work on the Official PlayStation magazine.
Anything else in your career you’ve been known for?
Just writing. 
What did you really want to be when you were growing up?
I mainly wanted to write. I also wanted to be a person living in the future.
Which story or stories are you most proud of?
I don't really feel proud. I feel satisfied sometimes. 
What are three top tips you can give PR pros for working with you effectively?
I'm not in a position to give advice to PR pros - they know their job better than I do. I get a lot of PR material, both from local teams and abroad, so my only advice is personal: I'll definitely reply if something is likely to result in a story.
How do you like to start a PR relationship if you've never been in touch before?
Just email me.
How do you hunt for good stories?
On the rare occasion that I get to stretch my legs and write outside the news cycle, I don't feel like much hunting is required. In games, there's always a fascinating overlooked title that is worth a good 800 words, or a great angle on a dedicated community. There's always someone I really want to talk to. 
What's been the biggest change in the industry over the past decade?
Social media has become a vice. Nowadays everyone knows it's bad for them, that it's changing their mood, that they're being exploited. But they're trapped.
What do you think is the most important issue facing the tech industry today?
Exploitative supply chains. Privacy.
What's the biggest issue facing journalism?
General media illiteracy seems to be a problem. People can mistake a three par news blast for a review - that's just one fairly benign example.  I can sympathise with the growing antipathy towards the media. Navigating that with care, and without becoming emotional or defensive, is important. Sometimes I feel like media workers are at war with their more vocal readers. If you must engage (and most of the time you don't have to), do so diplomatically. 
Exclusives are everything. Discuss.
Embargos are everything.
What do you wish you'd never have to explain to readers ever again?
That a 100 word passage in a listicle isn't a review. 
Who do you admire most in the industry and why?
I admire every journalist who hasn't made the switch to PR. But no disrespect to those who have: you've got to live.
Which industry publications, podcasts or other productions are on your unmissable list?
I really only watch ultra-technical youtube videos about speedrunning, breaking barriers in games... things like that. Enthusiasts making two hour long documentaries about the most niche aspects of gaming is really inspiring to me. My beat is so general that I find a lot of solace in this kind of material: there's so much passion and spirit in it. Aside from that, there are dozens if not hundreds of publications in my RSS that I'll graze every day.
How do you keep up with what your colleagues are writing?
RSS feeds.
Which app has changed your life more than any other?
Most apps have changed my life for the worse. I used to be addicted to Twitter, so I deleted it, and like a reformed smoker I scold anyone still on it. Trip View was great but hasn't been of much use this year. Skip was good because I hated waiting for coffee - now I don't have to order coffees anymore. Fires Near Me is handy.
Favourite screen-free hobbies?
Reading books and walking.
What’s your go-to song at karaoke?
Living on a Prayer. A very boring choice, but it's undeniable. If you can nail the key change you deserve to move on to better things. 
What's your favourite game of all time?
The Yakuza series is utterly in a league of its own. Aside from that, Spelunky and old Doom.
Name five discs you'd want to be stuck with on a desert island?
I listen to music all day and then while I'm asleep, so it changes a lot. At the moment:
Transcendence into the Periphery - Disembowelment
PopArt - Pet Shop Boys
We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves - John Maus
Konigsforst - Gas
Cross Record - Cross Record
What's the most ridiculous buzzword in the industry?
Creatives. Content creators. Content. Core pillars. I hate the word "robust". I love words, so naturally they annoy me a lot too, and often.

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Costello exits Triple M Melbourne

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Seb Costello has called time on his run at Triple M Melbourne’s breakfast show.

He stated that today’s last episode with Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy would also be his farewell to the show, and he will focus his work on A Current Affair. 

Costello had been involved with Triple M for most of the past five years.

“It seems the right time to finish up with Eddie and Darce, who have both been amazing supporters. I’m so proud of the way we’ve brought a hard-news edge to FM Breakfast. But the Hot Breakfast Family - the audience - have been the stars and I will miss them dearly,” he said in a Radioinfo interview.

Clairs signs off

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Dean “Clairsy” Clairs is ready to end his time at MIX 94.5 Perth.

He announced in today’s episode of the breakfast show that he had tendered his notice, effective 11 December, to spend more time with his family. 

Clairs has been with Southern Cross Austereo for 30 years, with 20 logged at MIX 94.5. He had been on the breakfast show with Matt Dyktynski and Kymba Cahill since March 2016.

“Very few people in our industry or across the media industry get to do that. The fact that you get to say, ‘I'm done, I'm out,’” said Dyktynski of Clairs’ tenure.

Print IT! Late November 2020

By Seamus Byrne in Media News on
The summer break looms in magazine land, but there's still time for a few more issues to hit stands. This week it's TechLife and Choice Computer. Let's see what's inside.
TechLife is closing out the year with the latest edition, with David Hollingworth thanking readers in the editorial for helping keep the mag pointed in the right direction.
In cover content we get a 'Superguide' to iOS 14 and all the new features you'll find inside. And while there's a lot of that new phone feeling here for iPhone users, TechLife has Android covered too with a nice feature on how to customise Android to give your phone a big makeover.
There's reviews galore from the local contributor team, from Sharmishta Sarkar tackling a number of wearables including the Fitbit Versa 3 and the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds (which gets an Editor's Choice). Joel Burgess rounds up some amazing and weird AI and VR tech (and reviews other hardware too)

Kim Bauer to exit 2HD

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Kim Bauer is finishing her stint at 2HD in Newcastle. 

Radioinfo reported that she would make her last airing on her breakfast show with Richard King on 27 November to return to her family in WA.

Bauer is one of Newcastle’s enduring voices, having been in the community for almost 35 years. She first joined in 1979 as announcer and music director for 2NX (now HIT 106.9) and worked on NEWFM’s licence application. 

She would work in NEWFM from 1991 to 1999 and from 2012 to 2017, with a co-hosting at NXFM breakfast in between.

Carrie and Tommy takes on full Hit Network Drive gig

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

The Hit Network is tapping the duo of Carrie Bickmore and Tommy Little for the full national Drive show.

Southern Cross Austereo said Hughesy and Ed’s departure for 2DAY FM in Sydney left Hit without programs in the 5PM-7PM block. As such, Carrie and Tommy’s 3PM-5PM show will instead finish at 6PM, with highlights from The Morning Crew airing from 6PM to 7PM.

Despite Carrie and Tommy’s new assignment, Ten confirmed that the duo’s commitments on The Project will continue in 2021. 

“We are thrilled Carrie and Tommy are our national drive show for 2021. When you listen to Carrie and Tommy the most obvious and appealing thing is their genuine affection for each other. They are friends who enjoy opening up their mics to deliver a show that is full of life and charm, with just the right amount of provoking each other for the entertainment of others,” said HIT Network chief Gemma Fordham.

“We know our audience love the show and want more, the

Nick Cody joins FOX FM Breakfast

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Comedian Nick Cody is co-hosting the FOX FM Fifi, Fev and Byron Breakfast show in Melbourne.

Show co-host Byron Cooke said Cody will replace him when he steps down from the show on 27 November after five years on the team. He will spend more time with his family and run his podcast.

Cody is heading down from Brisbane, having left Triple M Brisbane’s breakfast show. 

“I’m so pumped to be joining Fifi and Fev in 2021. Fifi is an absolute legend and let’s be honest, there is only one bloke that can keep up with one of the best full forwards of all time and that is me – 1999’s Werribee Under 12’s 3rd best and faires,” said Cody.

“It’s insane that they’ve let a kid from Hoppers Crossing join the breakfast show on the biggest radio station in the country. 2020 was a hectic year for Melburnians but we are on our way back to the life we love.”

Sun to rise in North Sydney

By Phil Sim in Media News on
North Sydney will have a local newspaper again, with publisher Grahame Lynch revealing the impending launch of the North Sydney Sun. 
Lynch’s Decisive Publishing is well known within the Australian communications sector, where daily newsletter CommsDay, is a must-read for telco and Internet providers. As such, the launch of a suburban newspaper might seem an unlikely diversion.
However, Lynch believes the fact that so many Australian telecommunications companies have their national or state headquarters in North Sydney means there is a “surprising amount of synergy”.
Indeed, that business angle will be a core part of the paper’s identity. Lynch points to the fact that City-based business journals are common in the US, but less so in Australia, and certainly there was no outlet presently targeting the North Sydney business community.
Lynch will also be seeking to fill the gap for local community news. While the Mosman Daily/N

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