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5 Minutes with Julia Talevski

By Seamus Byrne in Media News on
She’s a senior journalist at ARN, but also a massive soccer fan who’s juggling toddlers on the side – so watch her schedule accordingly. It’s 5 Minutes with Julia Talevski.
What do you do and where does your work appear?
I work three days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) as a senior journalist for ARN, covering almost anything related to the IT industry - particularly within the channel.
Anything else in your career you’ve been known for?
I absolutely treasure taking part in the shortlist committee for our annual ARN Innovation Awards and Women in ICT Awards (WIICTA). I also used to co-host a classic hits and country music radio station.
What did you really want to be when you were growing up?
A marine biologist or a pilot. 
Which story or stories are you most proud of?
The Microsoft Internal Use Rights licensing saga. Partners were fuming at Microsoft's plan to start charging them to use the IUR licenses, so much so, they started a Change.Org petition. It was a great ARN editorial team effort in covering all the developments in the story from that point onwards and eventually saw Microsoft totally backflip on their plan. 
What are three top tips you can give PR pros for working with you effectively?
Please email or just text my mobile, and pay attention to the days I work, which always appear in my email signatures. Otherwise you'll be subjected to the background noise of either: demanding children or a tantrum throwing toddler; and most of the time, a mix of both. And feel free to cc' the rest of the editorial team your emails too.
How do you like to start a PR relationship if you've never been in touch before?
A simple email introduction is just fine. 
What's the most important lesson you've learned about journalism?
Research, question everything and build your network. 
What's the biggest issue facing journalism?
Proving our 'value' in the business sense and the pressure that keeps mounting on editorial staff to do more with less people. I also have a big issue with that whole thing of 'people can easily be replaced' mentality, but a person's knowledge and valuable experience, that's irreplaceable.   
Exclusives are everything. Discuss.
I do see the value in exclusives as long they're truly 'exclusive,' and haven't already had a run in a national newspaper hours before. They usually resonate well with our industry-specific readers.  
Who is the best journo in the industry and why?
I think we all have certain admirable qualities, particularly Rohan (lucky you CommsDay!).
How do you keep up with what your colleagues are writing?
Mainly Twitter. 
Which app has changed your life more than any other? for sure. The finished transcripts are comedy gold!
Favourite screen-free hobbies?
Hanging out with my three boys, which I'm also currently homeschooling. And I do enjoy a good Aussie or New Zealand wine or two, or three....
Favourite sporting moment?
Sitting in Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid in 2018 and watching Atletico Madrid v Barcelona. It was just electric watching all that football talent live. 
What's your favourite game of all time?
FIFA!! Favourite physical game? Soccer for sure.

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Nine offloads Stuff

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

The Nine Network has sold its NZ media outfit Stuff Ltd to CEO Sinead Boucher (pictured) – for just NZ$1.

The sale, which is expected to be completed by the end of this week, includes a lease-back to Stuff for a printing plant Nine uses in Wellington and the sale of ISP Stuff Fibre. However, 25 percent of the Stuff Fibre proceeds will be remitted to Nine; the rest of the money will be temporarily used to keep Stuff afloat over the next three years, after which a corresponding amount will be processed to Nine.

Stuff became a Nine subsidiary after the conglomerate’s merger with its parent firm, the former Fairfax Media, in 2018. 

“Today is an important moment for Stuff as a business. It is great to take control of our own future with the move to local ownership and the opportunity to build further on the trust of New Zealanders, who turn to us for local and national news and entertainment every day,” said Boucher.

Wratten to exit Home Beautiful

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Kayla Wratten is finishing her time as junior features writer with Pacific Magazines title Home Beautiful.

She is leaving to undertake more freelance work. 

Wratten joined Home Beautiful in September 2019 after finishing almost a year as editor at Frock Paper Scissors.

Follow Wratten on Twitter @Kayla_Wratten and on LinkedIn.

Perth no limit for Game On AUS growth

By Seamus Byrne in Media News on


There’s not many tech or games outlets that call Western Australia home. The industry across both the media and PR sides of life are deeply East Coast centric, and ‘out of sight, out of mind’ can be an all too real impediment to access.
So it’s nice to see the growth of the Game On AUS (GOA) brand as the radio show slash podcast slash Qantas in-flight entertainment option has started to build an increasing presence through its website and online community.
Influencing caught up with Pete Curulli, Director and co-host of GOA, who also hosts Perth breakfast radio on 92.9 HitFM and also recently became a manager of a League of Legends Oceanic Pro League esports team just in case he wasn’t busy enough. Pete talks about GOA’s efforts, the challenges and strengths of being based in Perth, and how he feels PR can work best with GOA and its community.
Take us back to the start - how did GOA start and how did it develop to wher

Rathbone takes up Grant Broadcasters CD post

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Ryan Rathbone has assumed the group content director spot at Grant Broadcasters.

The company stated that he is now in charge of all on-air talent and content for the entire network.

Rathbone has been with Grant Broadcasters since late last year, when he flew back home from New Zealand to take up a post as QLD/NT regional manager. His successor is currently being recruited. CEO Alison Cameron and COO Rick Lenarcic will be his immediate superiors.

“Ryan has had a hugely positive impact on our creative and content product in QLD since he joined the company earlier this year. He will now be working closely with our existing Regional Content Directors in the other markets to roll out these strategies. I am confident that we can continue to provide exceptional local programming and maximize our local community partnerships with both clients and listeners,” said Cameron.

Foye jumps to PR

By Elliott Richardson in Media News on
For the past five years Brendon Foyehas regularly been seen on CRN bylines until two months ago when he made the switch to public relations.
Starting at M+C Partners last Monday, Foye said the transition was something he had been thinking about for a while.
“I guess it's a tale as old as time in this industry of journalists moving to PR and it's something that was on the cards for a while. It was just a case of having an opportunity to move on and jump ship and I found something really interesting to sink my teeth into,” he said.
While the switch from journalism to PR is a regular occurrence, it’s the first time Foye has worked on the other side of the phone and it’s something he’s still getting used to.
“Just starting off getting trained in PR, I haven't done any of it before. For now it's a fair bit of content creation which I'm obviously used to being a journalist.”
While at CRN, Fo

Print IT! May consumer magazines round up

By Seamus Byrne in Media News on
A worthy nostalgia trip is the big focus of this 40th anniversary special, and the interviews with Tony Sarno, David Flynn, Roulla Yiacoumi, Ashton Mills, Nathan Taylor, Angus Kidman, Dan Gardiner, Darren Yates, and the OG Editor himself, Sean Howard, is a great trip down memory lane whether you every wrote a word for the mag or not. Pages from the original edition also appear, and an office photo collection is also quite a trip - indeed both Kidmans are pictured with hair!
But it isn't all looking back this month. There's some new laptop reviews, with the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 reviewed by Joel Burgess scoring a five star Hot Product award. Plus a wealth of free software suggestions, lots more hardware and software reviews, and a great deep dive (pun makes sense if you see it) on DLSS graphics technology and what it's doing for game imagery.
Choice Computer
Choice goes big on security and peace of mind in its latest edition. Features on keeping your PC

Ruthven joins Hit104.7

By Jonas Lopez in Media News on

Bryce Ruthven has signed up with Canberra station Hit 104.7, reported Radioinfo.

He will join Ellie Mobbs and Jason Roses in the weekend breakfast show and run the afternoon show on weekdays. 

Ruthven came to Canberra after finishing almost three years with Ace Radio, with his last assignment being the mornings announcer/digital content coordinator at TRFM in Gippsland.

“Definitely working in a competitive market like Canberra, that’s full of people like myself who have moved here to continue their careers. From what I’ve seen in the past week since arriving, it’s a very modern, clean city that embraces a fresh face to the nation’s capital, which has been a huge positive with settling in to my new home!” said Ruthven of his move.

Follow Ruthven on Twitter @BryceRuthven and on LinkedIn.

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