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Samira Vivette's pastel pink poetry collection

Announcement posted by Samira Vivette 13 Jan 2021

Author Samira Vivette is making waves with her debut book, 'Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts’, ranking #1 best-seller in Australian and Oceanian Poetry and #2 in Poetry by Women alongside Rupi Kaur within only 24 hours of its release.

Author and poet, Samira Vivette has made it to the top, already by reaching out directly to the readers’ hearts! Her book release, 'Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts' is a 355-page collection of poems and prose. It is pastel pink, and because it packs in the mixed bag of themes, the author lovingly calls it ‘a mixed bag of candy.’ Each chapter in this book works on a heart-rending theme of emotion. It stirs, shakes, consoles, motivates, and comforts the readers. 

The book comprises ten chapters, each delving into a theme – some light and some dark. There are topics of darkness, broken friendships, toxic love, anxiety, solitude, memories, femininity, finding your soulmate, grief, and memories. Samira Vivette puts a twist on poetry as the themes in her book are entirely different from one another, with one reader, Asia, on Goodreads referring to the book as a “carnival of emotions”.

The true essence of poetry is to express and pull the heartstrings in the ways one would never know. ‘Pastel Dreams and Glittered Hearts’ wove in similar magic in the hearts of the readers in the right way. The book raced up in the Best Seller's Category just in 24 hours of its release. Top critics have claimed a distinctive style of writing to be catchy and heart-rending.