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Announcement posted by Markson Sparks! 06 Apr 2018



Australian property expert and author John L. Fitzgerald is releasing the updated 8th edition of his ‘7 Steps to Wealth’ book. The bible  for real estate investors is the Number 1 Book on Investing in Australian residential real estate with proven strategy and history and the solution to making the great Australian dream come true in 2018. 

 Three Australian Rich List billionaires recommend John Fitzgerald and his 7 Steps to Wealth book. Billionaire Bob Ell says “John is not just an author. He has been in property for 35 years and built his own fortune. Every Australian must read this book. Billionaire Maha Sinnathamby says “ I congratulate John on his compelling insights into how to make real estate work for you. “The late Billionaire Nev Pask said “ This is the best book for property investors. John’s book should be taught in every single high school”

 John Fitzgerald explains “The median price of land purchased between 2011 and 2015 within 50 kilometres of Sydney CBD has gone up 119% and the median house price has risen 85%  and apartments 73% …..so what’s one of the secrets to joining Australia’s wealthiest 1% ? Understand that land is the foundation of wealth and is the best asset class for Australians to invest in.”

 He continues “Populate or poverty? The 2016 census revealed that population growth is at a record number, averaging 367,900 per annum over the past 10 years. We struggle to build 180,000 houses a year; 25% of all houses are occupied by one person; and the average household population is fairly stable at 2.6, with 72.9% living in a detached house. It’s a fallacy that we are all living in apartments in the city. But what is polarising is that the main four capitals are attracting 78% of the population growth and 87% of the job growth.

 “8% of all Australians invest in property , less than 1% do it properly. Australians make all the main mistakes in property. Buying apartments, buying and selling, buying older properties. 7 Steps to Wealth teaches the secret of wealth - land and compound growth” concludes Fitzgerald.

 Fitzgerald teaches a method approved and hailed by some of Australia’s rich list billionaires and gives average Aussies an invitation to gain an unfair advantage. For 35 years he has been creating and executing his property strategies while also educating Australians for 21 years through his 7 Steps Strategy with 3,700+ clients, 10,750+ properties and a collective portfolio of  over $3 billion! The proof is in the pudding!

 Fitzgerald aims to share his own best kept secrets to financial freedom and the book follows the simple and fool proof guide of how to turn $100,000 into $1.28m with Aussie case studies to prove it! In his 7 step guide Fitzgerald exposes Australian’s biggest mistakes made by investors, how to maintain positive cash flow, establish capital benchmarks, identifies best locations to enter the realm of less than 1% per cent of Australians. 7 Steps teaches the vital difference between property and real estate for Australians.

‘In an ever changing investment climate you need an all-weather, proven property strategy. And this is it.’ This book is meant to assist you in becoming familiar with the basis of a statistically proven property plan for achieving financial security and to embark upon figuring out how to get compound growth. And if you’re not sure what compound growth is, good – you’ve picked the right book. - John Fitzgerald.

7 STEPS TO WEALTH is published by Wiley and is available at all good book stores and online from Booktopia  Wiley Amazon All proceeds of the book go to Toogoolawa Schools Limited.

John is a property expert, investment tycoon, insightful public speaker and philanthropist. Dedicating his life to creating a successful carrier in commercial and residential property development and investment and creating a school for boys. John Fitzgerald started the Toogoolawa schools when he was in his early 20’s, and the JLF group contributes to the cause every single day, with $11 Million donated to date. The Toogoolawa model is unique to the Schools and has been designed to revolve around the five universal Human Values of Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-violence. 

TO INTERVIEW JOHN FITZGERALD email max@marksonsparks.com or call Max Markson 0412501601