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New Plumbing Solutions selects EdApp for mobile training, ensuring compliance and excellence to hundreds of employees

Announcement posted by Candice Meisels PR 17 Jan 2021

New Plumbing Solutions selects EdApp for mobile training, ensuring compliance and excellence to hundreds of employees

New Plumbing Solutions has announced the use of mobile-accessible microlearning platform, EdApp, with plans to train a dynamic group of over 100 employees on safety, compliance, policies, technical practices and much more.

As industry leaders, New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) is made up of professionals with a clear vision to deliver exceptional service to their customers in every capacity. Since 2009, NPS provides high-quality safety-first plumbing and maintenance along with civil works for water and sewerage to both government and commercial customers. With a strong working culture, NPS ensures they are progressive, responsive, and have pride in delivering the highest quality to every customer.

EdApp is the world’s leading microlearning platform with unique, built-in features to achieve the best training results. Information is effectively delivered in short, digestible bursts straight to learners’ smartphones which caters to all learning styles and achieves consistently better completion and knowledge retention of up to 90% compared to traditional eLearning which sees as low as 15%. The microlearning platform makes workplace training accessible to both the employees and clients with its simple, smart approach. Within the EdApp platform, invaluable resources can also be utilised like a completely free editable course library which boasts hundreds of ready-made lessons to edit and deploy within minutes.

NPS trains its employees on everything from mastering technical skills, safety practices, and customer service principles. Since many employees are working on-site, having a platform like EdApp that enables quick lesson creation and real-time edits mean that the most up-to-date content can be accessed by the appropriate employee whenever they need it. EdApp is also mobile-first, meaning that learners can easily access an unlimited amount of training content straight from their smartphones.

Aaron Malcolmson,Head of Safety, Compliance & Training, New Plumbing Solutions said,“The introduction of EdApp will help us seamlessly reach our employees at scale. The platform is incredibly easy to use which means we can easily create and deploy training courses to all of our employees and we also have the confidence that every employee will complete the content through EdApp’s analytics tools. Many of our employees are on-site, so having content that’s mobile-accessible is a huge advantage, and since we also have a wide range of experience and learning styles, the customisation that EdApp provides has been fantastic.”

Darren Winterford, CEO, EdApp said,“We’re thrilled that EdApp will help NPS to maintain their high level of excellence through mobile training. Since NPS is introducing our mobile-first microlearning platform, it’s exciting to see the ease at which all their employees can complete training on topics like safety and policies straight from their mobile devices. Welcome, NPS!”


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About New Plumbing Solutions

Established in 2009, New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) provides high-quality, safety-first plumbing maintenance and civil works for water and sewage to government and commercial customers. NPS operates as a structure with four divisions that include Plumbing Maintenance, Civil & Trenchless, Water Metering, and New Connections. Customer services excellence is at the heart of NPS’ culture and the industry-leading organisation prides itself on its innovation, high attention to detail, organisation, efficiency, and reliability.

About EdApp

EdApp is an award-winning microlearning-based and mobile-first Learning Management System (LMS). Designed to provide engaging, mobile-first user experiences, the EdApp platform provides Enterprise with the ability to deliver training directly to their workforces’ smartphones, resulting in record engagement rates. EdApp delivers around 50,000 lessons per day across more than 90 countries and counting.


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