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Announcement posted by Candice Meisels PR 17 Jan 2021

Online tutoring service Cluey Learning is offering free Back to School haircuts for school kids via hairdressing chain, Just Cuts. Applicants will receive a free haircut at any of the 190 salons nationwide.

The initiative – just in time for the new school term – is designed to raise awareness around the importance of personalised experiences, whether that’s something as routine as a haircut, or as fundamental as how children learn. 

Research released today shows that 85% of parents agree their children’s clothing and accessories reflect their personalities, 93% of parents claim to buy toys and games that appeal to their child’s personal interests and 86% admit their children only participate in extra-curricular activities that are of interest to them

Despite this personalised approach to our kids’ lifestyles, it appears parents do not believe this applies to the current educational system, with 77% agreeing it’s a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. 88% felt their child could do with more individualised attention at school and 90% agreed that, now more than ever, kids need additional learning support.

Cluey Learning offers school children live, face-to-face tutoring support in a 1-to-1 and small group setting. Kids can learn at their own pace, in their own way,in addition to school. Its online adaptive platform delivers a personalised experience like no other, with over 790 tutors, bespoke tutor and student matching and an array of digital technologies to aid performance and delivery of the Australian National Curriculum. 

Cluey Learning Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Selina Samuels says, “It’s hard to reconcile that we expect such a deep level of personalisation for our everyday experiences, yet we don’t demand the same for our children’s learning. Because, just as you wouldn’t expect your child to have the same hairstyle as every other student in their school, you wouldn’t expect them to be identical learners. 

Back to School is the perfect time to reflect on the current learning needs of your children, so we’ve partnered with Just Cuts - the largest hairdressing company in the Southern Hemisphere - to offer parents a helping hand during this busy and expensive time of year. At the same time, we hope this initiative draws attention to the benefits of personalisation in every aspect of our lives - whether that’s a haircut, a coffee order, or our children’s learning - because it’s important our needs are met.” 

Additional key findings from the research include: 

  • 65% of parents consider purchasing new stationery an essential part of Back to School planning, but less than 1 in 4 (23%) look at signing up with a tutor
  • 88% of parents wish there was more time to go back and revise any areas their child may not have understood during the school term/year to ensure they’ve grasped the concepts
  • 87% of parents agree that they would love more feedback on their child’s learning progress than just school reports and parent-teacher meetings
  • 84% of parents agree that the pace at which their child is taught a new subject or concept doesn’t necessarily suit them

School children who take up the offer of a free Back to School haircut will also receive 20% off Cluey. Visit  https://clueylearning.com.au/haircuts to request a free haircut. For further details and to learn more about Cluey Learning click here.


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Candice Meisels
0481 369 484 


About Cluey Learning 

Cluey Learning delivers personalised online tutoring support for students in Years 2 -12, across Maths, English and Chemistry. All content is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum and is based on the unique learning needs of each individual student. Cluey has supported over 15,000 Australian families, run over 192,000 sessions and has been rated 4.7/5 by parents and students.

About Dr. Selina Samuels

Dr. Selina Samuels is the Chief Learning Officer at online education company Cluey Learning. She has been in education for over three decades and has been working with schools since 2013 to establish and provide remote education programs across a range of subjects.

Qualifications: BA (Hons), LLB, Ph.D., MEd.

About the promotion 

Offer includes 1 haircut or hairstyle, free of charge, per school child. Offer does not include any colour treatment, or maintenance treatment such as deep conditioning. Vouchers can be redeemed Monday to Friday only.  Offer is redeemed on a first-come, first serve basis - while stocks last. Offer valid until voucher stocks run out one redemption per person only. Please check your local participating salon for opening hours. Offer can be redeemed via https://clueylearning.com.au/haircuts

About the research 

Over 1,000 people were surveyed during the period 3-8 December 2020. The sample size was nationally representative amongst parents of school children from Kinder to Years 12 in Australia. The survey was conducted by Cluey Learning, in collaboration with Pure Profile. For more insights, see here: https://clueylearning.com.au/blog/personalisation-research/

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