Casa Herradura Turns Up the Heat with VictorsFood

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The event, hosted by Casa Herradura, was a ‘thank you’ to its top bartenders and was the first in a series of three, with Sydney and Brisbane events to follow in the coming weeks. The hands-on workshop featured special recipes developed by VictorsFood Executive Chef Victor Pisapia to highlight the wonderful flavour and versatility of tequila in cooking.

Casa Herradura Brand Manager Tamara Kent says, “The profile of tequila has risen dramatically in the past 12 – 24 months and that is largely due to bartenders who share their passion for tequila with their customers. Bartenders are educating consumers on the quality of the spirit, how to drink it, and are really championing the category.

“Herradura focuses on quality and tradition as key brand features, so we wanted to provide a quality experience that supported this. With Victor’s focus on fine food, it was clear this was a premium event that would be both interesting, engaging, and would provide a different experience that was a great strategic fit with Herradura.

“The guys don’t often get a chance to catch up and socialise outside of work and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. While some people had well developed cooking skills, everyone learned a lot from Victor. It was a fantastic balance of fun and information.”

VictorsFood Director Victor Pisapia says, "Who would have thought bartenders could cook so well? I was amazed how eager everyone was to jump in to create new exciting dishes using tequila. When I saw them doing the tequila flamb prawn dish with big smiles on their faces, I knew the event was a winner. A great industry day for bartenders to enjoy the flavour of tequila used in food as well as drink – it sure got them thinking about new ideas for spice-related cocktails.”

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