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Aussie brand discovers the power of Blue Tansy Oil to calm inflamed, red and acne-prone skin this winter

Announcement posted by Samson and Charlie 26 Jun 2019

Introducing Samson & Charlie's The Gift
Blue Tansy is the miracle essential oil making a name for itself thanks to new vegan Australian skincare brand Samson & Charlie’s The Gift Balancing Blue Tansy + Marula Facial Oil. 

With the chilly months already upon us, this vibrant blue, ultra-lightweight, organic oil has come to the rescue, saving winter skin from dryness, breakouts and irritation.
When we discovered the power of Blue Tansy Oil after years of research, it was like we found the missing piece of the puzzle, said Samson & Charlie founder Carole Staeck. We were blown away by its profound ability to balance problem skin, as well as its dazzling blue colour!"
The Gift Balancing Blue Tansy & Marula Facial Oil works to save your skin from winter thanks to one hard-working ingredient: ‘Azulene.’ The ‘Azulene’ compound has a brilliant blue hue and works to inhibit histamine production, the chemical involved our body’s inflammatory responses. Winter inflammation shows itself in the form of redness, and in extreme cases, Rosacea, all caused by frequent temperature changes, chaffing scarves and coats and artificial heating. The 'Azulene’ compound in The Gift Balancing Blue Tansy & Marula Facial Oil helps ease this irritation, while adding powerful hydration with Marula, Squalane and Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Winter acne finally has a botanical solution too, as this powerful facial oil boasts analgesic, anesthetic and anti-fungal properties. Potent ‘Azulene’ is blended with antioxidant oils, helping regulate sebum levels to both clear and control breakouts made worse by hormonal fluctuations and the temperature changes in winter.

Unlike most products targeting acne though, The Gift Balancing Blue Tansy & Marula Facial Oil is gentle on skin, and won’t leave it dry. Essential fatty acids from Fractionated Coconut Oil, as well as the calming German Blue Chamomile Essential Oil, balance the Blue Tansy Oil’s potent power.

So many face oils on the market deeply hydrate skin, but they can make acne worse! We wanted to find a way to blend deep hydration with acne-fighting properties, and thats where Blue Tansy came in, said Carole Staeck.

It’s this achievement of creating botanical balance that makes Samson & Charlie a standout in the natural skincare market. They have managed to ingeniously measure the potency of botanical powerhouses like Blue Tansy against the softening properties of Squalane and Marula oils to achieve both a cosmetic outcome, and a skin-loving softness that leaves your skin brighter and deeply hydrated.

With mounting evidence detailing the terrifying long-term effects of chemical cosmetic use, most women are looking for luxurious, vegan, local, cruelty and chemical-free alternatives, and Samson & Charlie fills this need. Blending effortlessly chic branding with botanical products that promise to work wonders, the Australian-made The Gift Balancing Blue Tansy & Marula Oil is the 3rd step of the brand’s Balancing Range, and is the perfect form of protection against winter skin complaints.

Product details:
The Gift Balancing Facial Oil: 30ml RRP $79.95
From Samson & Charlie - Botanical Apothecary

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