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Great Southern Weekender to hire journalist

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 10/30/2020 08:10 PM

The Great Southern Weekender is in need of a new journalist for its newsroom in Albany, WA. It will be a fixed contract valid to 30 July 2021.

The person will be on regular coverage duties for the Weekender’s print and digital channels, with the content including associated pictures.

Applicants must have detailed experience in community journalism and have good photography skills. As the job may require traveling to other parts of the Great Southern region, the candidate should carry an unrestricted driver’s licence.

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ABC in need of executive producer

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 11/10/2020 02:11 AM

National broadcaster ABC is hiring an executive producer for the Entertainment & Specialist team, based in Sydney. The position will be a contract arrangement for up to 24 months.

The EP will be assigned to ABC Television’s Fiction department. They will oversee the content production for the network’s adult-scripted programs and identify creative possibilities for new shows, to oversee and inspire performance of production staff, and manage relationships with external parties. These will include independent producers, suppliers, and television/film bodies.

The ideal candidate must have previous EP experience, including high-level editorial and creative production, and deep affiliations with the local and international production community. They must also be aware of new trends in local and international drama/comedy TV, plus the various issues associated with them, including editorial, legal, and ethical matters.

Bay 93.9 to hire breakfast host

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 11/13/2020 08:11 PM

Grant Broadcasters is opening a vacancy for the breakfast show at bay 93.9 in Geelong.

The person will partner with Lisa “Milly” Millard on running the show and interact with Geelong residents, most particularly in the 35-54 demographic.

The ideal candidate should be a radio personality with over five years’ experience in studio production and hosting programs geared towards the 35-54 audience. They should be proficient with Adobe Audition and/or Pro Tools, and Zetta.

NOVA to hire Perth digital content producer

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 11/22/2020 08:11 PM

NOVA Entertainment is searching for a new digital content producer for its outlets in Perth.

The person will be assigned to develop and release video and digital material for NOVA 93.7 and the breakfast show Nathan, Nat, and Shaun. They will also assist the main NOVA Entertainment organisation in content production for its digital channels, for shows, sales, station tactics and promotions.

The ideal candidate should be a media studies/journalism graduate with at least three years’ experience in digital content production. Essential skills required for the job include strong proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop, with AfterEffects also considered. The person should also be capable of working breakfast shifts.

ElevenPR hiring for Group business director

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

ElevenPR is on the market for a group business director, to be based in Sydney.

The business director will be in overall charge of ElevenPR’s PR and social campaigns, from initial concept to final presentation to client. They will also liaise with advertising staff for campaign deliverables.

The prospective candidate must have a detailed record in business administration and development. They must have verifiable results in managing global brands and top PR campaigns.

86 400 hiring marketing manager

Management at MediaConnect Australia

Digital bank 86 400 has opened a post for a marketing manager, to be based in Sydney.

The marketing manager will work alongside the Marketing Lead, Acquisition Lead and CPMO, in building up 86 400’s growth in the neobanking market. They will, among other tasks, oversee the development of new content and seed it over official channels, plus run B2C and B2B activities.

The ideal candidate must have up to five years’ experience in the creative services and media environment, including at least two years on PR campaigns. They need to demonstrate competence in stakeholder and media relations, brand and reputation building of 86 400 and its services, and metrics analysis and development.