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Daily Advertiser recruiting for senior journalist

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

ACM newspaper Daily Advertiser is in need of a senior journalist, to be based in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

The person is tasked to research and produce high-quality content for the Advertiser’s print and digital channels, including articles in collaboration with the newsroom. They will also engage with the audience and represent the paper in official events.

Candidates must be seasoned journalists with proven experience in community reporting, with samples to be provided as part of the application packet. They should be capable of working within a team and to aid in story idea development.

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Editor needed for Penguin Random House

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Penguin Random House Australia is recruiting for a new editor, based in Sydney’s North Shore offices.

The editor will be tasked with processing incoming manuscripts from commercial and literary fiction, non-fiction, to illustrated books. They will also coordinate with the production team on the status of the publication and to create briefs for typesetters and freelancers.

The candidate must have extensive editing experience, including work in MS Word and having edited content from Indigenous writers, and excellent attention to detail, spelling, grammar and punctuation. They should be well-versed in fiction and non-fiction genres, and have proved effective time-management skills.

Media and Comms coordinator needed for Sydney Fish Market

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Curtis Partnership is hiring a new media and communications coordinator under its association with the Sydney Fish Market.

The person will be assigned to create all associated corporate communications materials, respond to media enquiries, organise media visits and interviews, and produce content for the Sydney Fish Market and Sydney Seafood School’s social media channels. They will also liaise with internal stakeholders, PR and creative agencies, and the public.

The ideal candidate should have up to five years’ experience in a PR/media/communications environment, especially in the food industry and the tourism sector. They must possess strong verbal/written communication skills and attention to detail.

4BC needs junior producers

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 09/10/2020 07:09 PM

Nine Radio Brisbane station 4BC is recruiting junior producers for Neil Breen’s breakfast show and Scott Emerson’s drive program.

The junior producer is assigned to research/develop story content ideas and their associated materials, including online content, show formats. They will also vet prospective on-air interview/caller guests and also call up subjects mentioned on-air for their response.

Candidates should be communications or journalism graduates with experience in covering news and current affairs. They should also demonstrate skills in social media management, on-air/online content writing, and applying media law and its restrictions.

Cancer Institute NSW to hire media/PR advisor

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 08/24/2020 01:08 AM

The Cancer Institute NSW is in need of a media and PR advisor, to be based in St Leonard’s, Sydney, on a 12-month contract.

The person will be tasked to lead the Institute’s media relations efforts to increase awareness of cancer and potential solutions. They will also build communications with internal stakeholders, government agencies, and NGOs.

Candidates must be graduates of either communications, journalism, public relations, or media studies courses. They should have demonstrable experience in traditional/social media monitoring tools and practices, media database management, and development and execution of social awareness campaigns. Deep interest in Australian media, and the NSW and national health sectors is also highly preferred.

Pascoe’s Gas and Water to hire PR specialist

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Perth utility contractor Pascoe’s Gas & Water is now recruiting for a PR practitioner.

The person will be assigned to develop and execute new media relations and PR campaigns for the company, with the full collaboration of company management. The content, which will be seeded over digital channels, will range from positive media releases to “good news” material that may be connected to Pascoe’s service line. The person will also be working with management and HR personnel on crisis resolution and internal communications.

The ideal candidate should be a graduate of PR or marketing courses with at least two years’ experience in a related position. Essential skills will include high CRM/MS Office proficiency, strong verbal/written communications, calm diplomacy, and driving under a valid WA licence. Work experience in a legal services or HR professional services company will be considered.