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Haystac seeks account director

Account Director at MediaConnect Australia

PR agency Haystac is in need of an account director for its Melbourne office.

The account director is assigned to develop and run integrated campaigns for the client and other agency partners, and guide the client with long-term planning. They will also mentor junior staff with their own workplace development.

The post is open to PR practitioners with at least five years’ experience as a senior account manager or account director. They must demonstrate an optimum combination of organizational, planning and decision-making skills, plus a verifiable record of growth for previous clients.

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Yahoo Australia hiring for social media editor

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Yahoo! Australia is in need of a new social media editor, to be based in the Sydney CBD on a 12-month contract.

The social media editor will collaborate with the social media manager in building up content over Yahoo! Australia and its social media channels. The work will include identifying news leads with a potential to go viral and angle them for social media channel distribution, developing video/graphics materials, and monitor social media algorithms for further strategic planning.

Candidates for the post must have had at least three years’ experience in social media-based news and publishing roles. They must have a deep understanding of functions and data analysis in Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, plus legal matters in journalism. Video editing and image editing/optimisation skills are an advantage.

O’Brien seeks media advisor

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

The office of the Hon Michael O’Brien MP of Victoria is now in need of a media advisor.

The media advisor will guide the Leader of the Victorian Opposition, the office communications director, and the other Opposition representatives with running their side’s media strategy and policy. The person will also interact with journalists and accompany the Opposition MPs on official duties.

Candidates for the post must be journalists who are experienced in covering politics, especially in the Victorian scene. The person should possess strong verbal and written communication skills, can solve problems fast, and manage multiple projects. They should also be available on flexible schedules.

Countryman in need of journalist

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Seven West Media WA regional broadsheet Countryman is looking for a journalist to be part of the editorial team.

The journalist will be tasked to cover the Countryman’s core story areas, primarily WA’s agriculture industry and its associated events. The work will involve liaising with the editorial board on topics, using social media to share stories and engage with readers, and meeting farmers. They may also be assigned to represent the paper at community and industry events.

The ideal candidate should be a seasoned reporter with strong interview and communication skills, deep familiarity with media laws, and a fervent interest in regional WA communities and the agriculture industry. They should also carry a valid drivers licence and be available for work on flexible schedules including weekends.

Thrive PR hiring for talent chief

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Thrive PR + Communications is on the market for a new head of talent, based in Sydney.

The person will liaise with the agency’s leadership team on daily HR matters, staff mentoring, and overseeing talent intake/evaluation, as well as implementing new workplace initiatives.

They will also work alongside legal advisors for compliance and immigration counsels for processing expatriate personnel.

Candidates for the post must have a detailed body of work in the professional services industry, most particularly in HR management and advisory roles. Essential skills required include high-level verbal/written communications, deep familiarity with WHS and EEO business practices, and firm grasp of budgetary and business processes.

Australian Airports Association to hire policy and communications director

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 05/22/2020 07:05 PM

The Australian Airports Association (AAA) is opening a post for a policy and communications director, based in Canberra.

As head of the AAA Policy Group, the person will oversee the Group’s operations and collaborate with the AAA CEO and Board on outlining and executing the organisation’s long-term plans and projects.

They will also oversee the production and distribution of official AAA material such as news releases, print/digital material, and speeches, plus generate public dialogue on important industry matters.

The position is open to graduates of PR, communications, law, and business courses with at least eight years’ experience in strategic communications and media management roles, especially those related to government relations/public affairs. Previous employment in an industry association, including but not necessarily aviation, may be considered.