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The Market Herald hiring for news presenter

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

The Market Herald is opening a position for a news presenter, to be based in Perth.

Reporting to the paper’s companies and markets editor, the person is tasked with researching and producing detailed content for the Market Herald’s news edition, especially breaking news material.

Candidates should be Journalism or Broadcasting graduates with up to two years’ experience in a live news reporting environment. They must have a strong on-camera presence, clear verbal communication skills, and deep knowledge of business and finance topics. The Market Herald will require a recent sample of the applicant’s presentation skills in addition to a cover letter and CV.

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ABC to hire supervising video producer

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 10/16/2020 02:10 AM

The Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) is in need of a supervising video producer for its National Business Team.

The successful applicant will be assigned to work alongside the editor and the National Business Team alongside other departments in creating new video content for digital, mobile and TV platforms. They will also make sure the content is in line with ABC Editorial Policy, plus use data analytics to further map out audience engagement.

Candidates should have detailed experience in live digital media and newsroom production, and exceptional record in organizational management. They must be capable of content creation for multiple platforms and to analyse engagement data.

Sydney government to hire senior media advisor

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

The Sydney government’s City Communications division is offering a new position for a senior media advisor.

The person will oversee City Communications’ brand development efforts through multimedia content promoting the city government’s programs and policies, and official events.

The position will be open to applicants with verifiable experience in senior-level media and communications environments, including stakeholder negotiations. They must be capable of long-term campaign planning and dealing with business and community issues.

ABC to hire specialist reporting team producer

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 10/08/2020 02:10 AM

The ABC is recruiting a producer for the network’s Specialist Reporting Team (SRT), based in Ultimo, Sydney.

The SRT producer will collaborate with team members and the ABC’s disability affairs reporter in covering developments in the disability affairs scene and create engaging content for ABC’s multimedia platforms. They will also contribute to ABC News conference calls and editorial meetings.

Candidates must possess a detailed record of news media production, including capability for TV/radio content development, proofing the material according to media law and ABC’s content guidelines, and completing them all within deadlines. They will also train and mentor SRT members. Applicants with prior experience in disability affairs or have worked alongside persons with disability are also considered.

Journalist sought for LADBible AU

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

The Australian branch of men’s content portal LADBible has posted an opening for a journalist, to be based in Sydney.

The person will be assigned to cover the latest news leads and publish them on the LADBible website and social media channels, as well as pursue related angles. They may also moderate engagements and use the opportunity to cultivate fresh leads.

Applicants must be journalists proficient in social media usage and have been part of a media publishing organisation. They should also demonstrate proficiency in digital marketing, CMS operations, familiarity with media law, and initiative to pitch new ideas.

NOVA to hire commercial producer

Administration at MediaConnect Australia

Applications close: 10/14/2020 08:10 PM

NOVA Entertainment is in need of a new commercial producer, based in Melbourne.

The person will be assigned to research and produce new commercials, credits, and images for both NOVA and Smooth, which have their brand values ingrained. They will use one of NOVA‘s two studios to make the advertisements.

Candidates must be experienced in audio development and commercial productions, including verifiable work in podcasts. Experience in ProTools and Zetta are also preferable.