Yahoo!7 bolsters commercial strategy with Mastercard insights

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Yahoo!7 and Mastercard recently announced the launch of their new campaign ‘Mastercard Advertising Insights’, in a bid to strengthen Yahoo!7’s status in the digital advertising market.

The campaign involves the use of insights based on Mastercard’s anonymous and aggregated collection of transaction data, in conjunction with Yahoo!7’s online populations, and can be activated across Gemini and Brightroll DSP+.  

The partnership aims at delivering precisely targeted marketing results through identification of consumer trends, and has already seen successful results.

CMO of Michael Hill International, Anna-Maree Shaw said: “The unique pairing of Mastercard and Yahoo7 powers our ability to deliver more relevant offers to customers at key micro-moments in the shopping journey.”

Michael Hill Jewellers were amongst the first users of the platform, proving more than a 300 per cent increase in click-through rate.

“It’s a win-win. Our customers receive a great experience while we see more effectiveness in our marketing programs.”

Advertising Insights is one of the media services offered by Mastercard, with Yahoo!7 being the service’s first Australian media partner to host the insights.

Marc Carolus, Principle for Australasia at Mastercard Advisors said, “Given its array of assets, Yahoo!7 is an exciting partner for Mastercard in the Australian market.”

“Together we deliver a unique combination of browsing trends with actual transaction data, which is far superior to survey or derived data as it demonstrates real spending patterns.”