Peter Wilkinson elected Chair of the Global Communications Alliance

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The managing director of Wilkinson Group and chair of Etched Communications, Peter Wilkinson, has been newly elected as chair of the Global Communications Alliance. The Alliance is an organisation of senior independent public relations and public affairs consultancies.

A not-for-profit organisation based in Switzerland, the Global Alliance's mission is to unify the public relations profession, raise professional standards all over the world, share knowledge for the benefit of its members and be the global voice for public relations in the public interest.
Wilkinson remarked that the decision to take on the role was influenced by a need to invest more to ensure staying ahead of the massive transformation occurring in the communications sector.

He cited the collapse of traditional journalism, emerging customer power, increasingly accurate measurement and analysis, diversity of devices including the Internet of Things, and the power of cross-channelling as some of the great disruptors putting pressure on consultancies and their clients in 2017.
“That’s why the Global Communications Alliance is an essential component in our strategic planning to enable us to better serve our clients. The collaborations between consultancies, constantly sharing ideas, enable us to better develop each of our strategic directions,” Wilkinson said.
“We all know the tectonic plates shifting around us – the factors that led to Brexit and Trump’s controversial election are just two of them; the social upheaval in the Middle East and the growing influence of China are others; as are the waning influence of journalism and the increasing reliance on the largely uncontrolled social media megaliths, mainly Google and Facebook,” he added.
“It is our role amid these massive changes that interests me because while some of that change is structural, much has to do with our area of expertise, communication. I believe that the communications industry has failed society through the current disruption. That failure has, in turn, aggravated negative outcomes.”

Wilkinson brings over three decades of senior communications experience to the role. As co-founder and managing director of the Wilkinson Group, he specialises in crisis & recovery, leadership support, change management and disruptive innovation. He is past regional president of IPREX, one of the world’s global largest PR corporations.