New tech podcast to kick off in Australia

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A new technology podcast is set to kick off in Australia within the next month.

Former South African tech journo Brett Levy moved to Australia in recent months, and wants to re-birth the radio program he did back in his country of origin, as a podcast.

“I had my own radio show in South Africa called Futurology, where I would analyse tech, apps, VR and their development,” explained Levy.

“I hosted the show for just over a year.It was streamed live every Wednesday at 1200 SA time and then the podcast would be available about an hour after the show.”

This time around, Levy has dubbed hs podcast TechKnowledgy.

"The format will be 30 minutes as opposed to the 60 minutes I did previously.” said Levy.

The podcast series will continue to review tech, VR and apps, and also aims to incorporate tech industry interviews.

“As we are a tech focused company it will always be at the CIO or CTO level that we would take aim.”

“However, as per previous shows we don’t only speak “geek” but rather hope to continue to appeal to audiences of all ages and digital competence.”

TechnKnowledgy will additionally dip its toe into the marketing side of business.

“That being said - in the brand space the marketing head will be critical to engagement too so I guess a mix of both marketing/brand/IT”.

Rather than just talking about big name IT vendors, Levy said he prefers a focus on emerging companies.

“Everyone knows the big names, and so I hope to only deal with the startups and entrepreneurs - so that both they and I gain exposure.”

“I am hopeful that every now and then a big name will pop in for a chat too”

Levy also has a background in advertising, and is the co-founder of Australia-based digital solutions consultancy Beyond Intent. He is a mobilist and amongst all the activities in the mobile space claims to have introduced the first .mobi domain to the South African market.