Crinkling News set to kick on

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Crinkling News will continue printing following a successful crowdfunding round, which raised over $200,000.

Crinkling News’ editor Saffron Howden told Influencing that the news team was “incredibly grateful and thankful to all the people who got behind Crinkling News.”

“A huge number of Australians have put their faith in Crinkling News - and it’s been a phenomenal achievement to show Australia that there is a market for a children’s newspaper in Australia,” Howden said.

Being the only national newspaper for children in Australia, one of Crinkling News’ aims is to show the public that news interests children.

“It shows the doubters and people in general that children are interested in news, and that they’re interested in reading news in print.”

“I think that the paper’s success surprised people, but I did my research and showed people that children all over the world are definitely interested in reading news.”

Howden told Influencing she was proud to provide the opportunity for children to experience news first hand.

“We have been able to expose our children in Australia to the first news that they’ve ever consumed in a safe and informative way.”

“Also, we have given children a chance to have a taste of journalism and have the opportunity to be a journalist for a day or so - to interview serious people like prime ministers and premiers.”

“All of these things are unprecedented in Australia.”

The team will begin working on Crinkling News’ sustainability immediately.

“It’s now up to us to show them that we can continue producing this amazing national newspaper every week, and that we can make sure Crinkling News jumps that final hurdle of becoming sustainable.”

PR Interest

Howden said that she and the Crinkling News team are open to all PR pitches regarding children.

“I’m a journalist so the more information, the better. You can always delete an email. We’re happy to hear about anything in the kids space.”