Creatives offer cohesive agency service The Assembly

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Five communications agencies have come together to announce the formation of The Assembly, a collective group of experts in their respective channels, collaborating to solve client problems including flexible and streamlined agency management.
The Assembly consists of creative agency Channelzero, digital marketers CBO, specialist experiential and sampling The Marc Edward Agency, media buyer 360 Degree Marketing Group, and POS and shopper experience agency What to Do.
It offers flexibility and one point of contact, whereby everything including management, accountability and invoicing can be facilitated by the lead agency.
“We have all worked together in some way for the past ten years,” says Taylor.  “It made perfect sense for us to come together to ensure client success is the motivating factor, as opposed to what works best for the individual agency,” remarked Mikey Taylor, Channelzero CEO.

“If a client is media led, they’ll deal with the media agency contact. If they are creative led, the creative agency will take the reigns. This is a real point of difference. Of course the client will maintain relationships with all their suppliers, however this streamlined approach really solidifies the collective ethos of The Assembly and working towards a common, shared goal,” he said.

The Assembly has a clear vision to deliver cohesive client solutions whilst saving client time and resources for clients
“At a time when clients are torn, thinking they need to be everywhere, budgets are spreading thin,” Taylor added.
“It’s therefore more important than ever, that agencies work collaboratively and creatively in progressive partnerships, not silo’s – The Assembly is a coalition of the willing. We want each other to win and we want our clients to win.”

Members of The Assembly include Mikey Taylor, Shane McGeorge, Edward Kaleel, Aaron Monks, and Mike Levy.