Ariel Bogle is the new Conversation topic

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Former Mashable journalist Ariel Bogle has joined The Conversation as the website’s technology editor - a newly created role previously covered by its science team.

Editor of The Conversation, Misha Ketchell described Bogle as a “terrific journalist with extensive experience in technology reporting,” adding that “we're looking forward to seeing what she does in this role”.

Bogle said it was the opportunity to be at the forefront of covering science and technology research that coaxed her away from her role at Mashable, where she worked for two years - most recently as associate editor.

“The Conversation occupies a really unique space in Australian media because when you’re working with experts, you can give current news, context and history,” she said.

“In the future, I’d really like to grow what is already strong tech coverage even further, get new voices on the site, present new information in innovative ways, and make sure that we’re giving Australian technology the kind of depth and breadth that it needs.”

Mashable’s head of communications Paul Cafiero said that Bogle’s position would be replaced and that “we wish her only the best”.

PR Tips

While, The Conversation revolves primarily around academic experts and their opinions, Bogle said she was still keen to hear from the PR community in relation to technology advances.

“I’d like to know if there are any breakthroughs or research coming out of companies or the academic sphere,” she said.