Alexandra Ristway joins Seven News Perth bureau

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Journalist Alexandra Ristway has joined the Channel Seven news bureau in Perth, having relocated to Western Australia directly from her former role as a reporter in Albury for its affiliated regional network, PRIME7. Ristway has gained a maternity contract until May.
Ristway cut her teeth in the industry as a national radio news presenter in Bathurst, and has continued an extensive relationship within regional media. In October 2010, she joined Seven News in Sydney as a freelance producer, where she worked across a number of daily bulletins.
She went on to work as a reporter for WIN Television in Rockhampton in 2012, and was later hired at PRIME7 in Canberra. Her most recent tenure with the broadcaster in Albury lasted for over two years.

“I was so overwhelmed to be offered the opportunity to work in one of the nation’s premier newsrooms,” Ristway told Influencing.  

“Seven Perth’s reputation speaks for itself, it consistently tops the ratings every night and that is testament to the great leadership of news director Howard Gretton, as well as the professionalism and experience within the team of journalists,” she said.  

“It’s the opportunity to work with the journalists as well as learn from some of the best reporters in the country that motivated me to take on the challenge.”
Reporting to the chief-of-staff and Seven News producers each morning, Ristway’s new remit will see her prepare breaking stories, sourcing talent for stories, completing interviews and assisting the with the final stages of the package.
I’ve usually read between 5-10 news websites before coming in, these range from local to national news websites as well as checked emails, twitter and facebook. Every day is different, you never know what you’ll be thrown,” she said.
Ristway added that she is open to collaborating with Perth-based public relations professionals, and will accept newsworthy press releases and interview opportunities.
“Working alongside public relations professionals is a big part of what we do, so naturally we are always looking to make the most of press releases and story opportunities,” she said.
“I am very excited and thrilled to be offered the chance to work alongside some of the country’s brilliant news minds. Seven News is a leader and I hope that I can make some small contribution to the continuing success of the program.”
Contact Alexandra at or follow her tweets @aristway27.